Can you join me for an occasional cup of tea and conversation?

This is a very strange morning. I’m about to take a fork in the road in pursuit of the true Socratic quest: Which course of life is best?

I’ll shortly be leaving the company where I’ve worked for six and a half years with a very interesting group of folks in a fascinating job. But it’s time for me to move on to other things–gardening, cooking, and most of all, writing.

I’ve become addicted to blogging, so of course one of my first steps is to set up this blog. My current blog is behind a private firewall, and I’m ready to go public. I hope you’ll join me for an occasional cuppa something and a discussion that I hope will dive into all sorts of things: philosophy, technology, literature, human culture, the state of the world, and almost anything else that comes to mind.

More soon. I promise.

4 Responses to “Can you join me for an occasional cup of tea and conversation?”

  1. Brandon Bohling Says:

    Well it will definitely be our lost as you will certainly be missed. However, I have no doubts that life will be much better on the outside. How could walking in the woods, tending a garden, and spending more time with a loved one not be better!? Be seeing you around in the blog world.

    the grumpy ambassador

  2. Josh Bancroft Says:

    Congrats on pursuing your interests. You will be missed in the day to day interactions, but we’ll stay in touch via the Intertubes, and make new interactions that way. Best wishes! 🙂

  3. mklekacz Says:

    Thanks, guys. I’ll miss the people, but I’m really looking forward to the new adventure as well.


  4. James Says:

    Congrats on your new ventures Marianne.

    I haven’t been blogging a lot internally because of the poor tools but I did setup an external blog here for a possibly larger audience. It is purely personal and you will not see any reference to the company as an employee.


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