Progress report, on various fronts

Today the following things happened:

The 300-pound dresser made it to the top of the stairs and into the bedroom. Thank you Pablo! I can get through my hall again facing forward. And I can even put my clothes away, as soon as I get all ten drawers put back in in the right sequence.

The great blue heron was back for another round of fishing, flying so low I thought at first I was glimpsing a sports car on the gravel road.

My computer equipment appears to have all survived the move. I haven’t tested the printers yet, but everything else is working GREAT!

Pioneer Telephone left me a message telling me that they would be able to provide my DSL line “very soon,” something about repeaters being installed as LaDonna left the message. These people are very cool, and I will post about them later (after I really have DSL). But I’ll bet I have the first DSL installation in the US that is 11 miles from paved road. And when they’re done, I’ll bet it works.

Thank you all for your comments. It’s fun to know you’re reading my trivia.


One Response to “Progress report, on various fronts”

  1. Getting DSL 11 miles from the nearest paved road » Says:

    […] My friend Marianne left Intel to move to a place “off the grid” in the coast range mountains, and is thoroughly enjoying the nature and solitude. But since I convinced her to start a blog, to stay in touch, and also generally to stay connected, she’s having DSL installed. Her house runs on generators and battery power, and is truly “off the grid” – 11 miles from the nearest paved road, yet she’s having broadband installed to stay connected with the world, and share her writing. What a geek! […]

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