DSL on the Big Elk

It works!! I can’t believe it really works. They’ve classified my installation as experimental, but all I can tell you is I don’t see that stupid little pages loading green meter any more. My pages just pop up, the way they used to.

I’m still 11 miles from paved road, have no commercial power or other grid connection (except the telephone), but I do have DSL. It’s like Christmas coming a month and a half early.

And it’s stopped raining, at least for the moment.

I’d like to add a few words about Pioneer Telephone Cooperative. They are a terrific company, serving perhaps some of the least accessible places around, low population concentrations, difficult terrain, and so on. But the most amazing thing about them is the way they treat customers.

Never once in all of my dealings with Pioneer did I feel like a “customer.” I felt like a person. And I felt that I was dealing with other people, not with scripted customer service reps. Ladonna, Laurie (sp?), and Brian are all people I can imagine having a beer with sometime. They took my wishes to heart and made them happen. And they were gracious and warm about it. I can’t thank them enough.

3 Responses to “DSL on the Big Elk”

  1. Brent Says:

    Good for you on the high speed – I could not function without mine 🙂

    Are you in for snow now? Not sure of your elevation…

  2. Getting DSL 11 miles from the nearest paved road » TinyScreenfuls.com Says:

    […] Update: Marianne now has DSL! Yay! No photos yet, but she’s online.  Related posts: Paved my Pocket PCTo install the latest ROM update from Dell. Love that fresh install feeling.Here is a celebratory post from PocketBlogger. I’m not blogging from an airplane, but I am in the […]TinyPodcast 2005-07-05An on the road podcast from Studio WRX returning from the Oregon Coast, with a special guest co-host – my wife Rachel (and peanut gallery comments from Emma in the […]New Pocket PC Today Screen New Pocket PC Today Screen Originally uploaded by JoshB. I paved my Dell Axim X50V yesterday, to install the latest ROM update […]You’re Never Too OldI had the chance to spend my weekend with my folks – which is a rare treat since they live 600 miles away. What made the time especially cool […]Microsoft makes the whole MSDN Library a wikiArsTechnica has word that Microsoft has made the voluminous information in the MSDN Library (basically, documentation and sample code for every single Microsoft product, ever) into a wiki. Now, you […] […]

  3. mklekacz Says:

    Brent, we get only occasional snow. I think we’re something under 200 feet here. But when we get it, it’s enough to make the whole farm look like Christmas fairy land. I’ll pray for snow this year so I can take some pictures (I may even have one or two around–we had a great storm last year), but my pictures along with just about everything else except my guestroom, living room, and kitchen are still in disarray.

    Josh, I’m still only online when I run the generator. Haven’t ordered the battery stuff yet, I’m waiting for my nephew to get back from vacation since he’s the whiz at this (or pretends to be).

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