More about DSL in rural America

I’ve seen notes from several of you (and even had an e-mail or two) indicating interest in knowing how this is done. I probably won’t be much help here, except I can refer you to Pioneer Telephone Cooperative. I think they only have two offices. The one I dealt with is in Philomath, Oregon.

I got only sketchy details, but I think what happened is they acquired some super-dooper repeaters that let them extend the service further than in the past. There’s only one house past us on their service line. The modem they used is a ForceCom X100. Never heard of it, but it’s very small and seems to work very well. Only problems is the output from the transformer is 15v rather than 12v. It also is strictly a modem, so if I want to go ahead and add wireless, I’ll have to use my old DLink hub/wireless access point as a separate device. But I think I’m going to let things settle for a week or so, make sure everything works swimmingly, then call my actual broadband provider and see if I can get the NetGear to work. It has a built-in access point and hub. According to NetGear’s specs, I should be able to take my computer past the garden if I want, although why I would ever want to is beyond me.

Enough for now, I had to go to town today (I hate that), I’m tired, and I need to go cook dinner. Ben’s got my wood over heating up. Tonight it’s roasted lemon-pepper pork loin with garlic-roasted potatoes and a greens and avocado salad. It’s tough to live here in the middle of nowhere with no amenities. . .;^}

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