Thunderstorms, Thanksgiving, and other things worth a passing note

It’s amazing how quickly we get spoiled. I’ve lived with dialup at the farm for literally decades. I had DSL about 10 days. Now suddenly it’s gone, the result I suspect of a rather massive thunderstorm we had Thanksgiving day. I’m sure I’ll have it back tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m cursing download times and wondering if it’s really worth it.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we all survived. Wednesday, of course, was National Throw Fl0ur Around the Kitchen Day. The result was a giant mess. But the products–two pumpkin and one pecan pies, a couple of dozen croissants, the prep on virtually all of the vegetables (yams, broccoli, little bitty onions)–made it all worth it. Thursday morning as guests were arriving there was only a little potato peeling to do.

I’ve never cooked a turkey in my new wood stove until this one. The turkey I bought, about 20 lbs., would have fed the whole valley. It’s a good thing I bought the new stove. I had planned to barbecue the turkey, but the bird was too large for the Weber. It was nearly too large for the new oven, so it wouldn’t have had a prayer in the old smaller one. We’d have been chainsawing the bird in half so we could cook it. It literally filled the whole oven–cleared the door latch by about 1/8″. But the result was the most beautifully browned bird I’ve ever cooked, looked like something out of Gourmet magazine. Tasted good, too. We were nine for dinner, so we’re still eating leftovers.

I can’t believe I ever found time to work. There is so much to be done each day, but no deadlines, just plenty of demands. You can pick and choose which ones you satisfy. Most of my stuff is put away, just some minor tweaking to do in my office. When I moved, I found two gargoyle replicas I bought at Oxford. I’m going to mount one each on the bookcases on either side of me as I write. The two I elected to bring home are “Pain” and “Despair” (I chose them for their looks, not their sentiments). This seems like an apt source for either poetry or prose–between pain and despair. We’ll see.

Still storming. This morning we officially passed the “twice as much as our previous record” mark for rainfall. We’re over 28 inches for the month now. But we haven’t floated away yet. . .

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