Storm of the season

Ralph (our nephew, who lives up the hill from us) commented today that he’d never lived any place where people talked so much about the weather. I think that’s because we have so much of it.

My daughter called today because one of her coworkers had just seen a massive storm alert for the coast–winds gusting up to 100 mph, 4-6 inches of rain. I reassured her that we were already in the middle of it, 2 inches of rain last night, another today. Boy, was I wrong.

All of the above is true. The river is running close to its banks in the low spots, but suddenly the wind has picked up, and it’s still raining, hard. Last night’s rain was obviously just to prep us for tonight. . .

My DSL is out, and looking at the neighbor’s house, it’s a repeat of the previous problem–power is out. We can’t tell here, running as we do on generators we only lose power when we forgot to put gas or oil in them. But my dialup’s still working, so here I am, blathering away again.

We are approaching 90 inches of rain for the year. By tomorrow we’ll be over that amount. But the storms are so-o-o-o cool, the trees leaning into the hill, the occasional crash of something falling over, being warm and toasty when most of the infrastructure around us is failing. If our driveway just doesn’t wash away, everything will be fine. But the low culvert is under water now, so if we really get that 4-6 inches of rain tonight, I may be marooned here for awhile.

However, I have enough canned goods that we can probably eat for a couple of weeks without a problem. And the bread that Ben likes the best requires only yeast, water, salt, and flour, and I can probably keep us in bread for a couple of weeks as well. And of course, we have garlic, onions, and plenty of olive oil. . .

Now I’m going to go out and stand in the wild and just admire the fury. . . 

5 Responses to “Storm of the season”

  1. Brent Says:

    Good to hear all is well… have fun watching the storms and keep your head down 🙂

  2. Phil Ferris Says:

    I have to write to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Josh Bancroft pointed me in your direction sometime back via his blog.

    I love your descriptions, particularly the weather and food. The storms take me back to the large ones we used to have when staying with friends in Corfu.

    I certainly hope you get through the winds and rain in one piece. My wife, Cathy,. and I love to sit by our open coal fire and listen to the wilder winter weather; though Cornwall, in the UK, has it much milder by the sounds of it.

    Have fun, stay well, and warm seasonal greetirgs to you both.

    Phil Ferris

  3. tinyscreenfuls Says:

    Glad you’re OK, and I hope the wind didn’t tear things up too badly at your place. It was a mess all over town this morning – I counted about a dozen downed trees on the way to work this morning, and one of the Intel signs (by the NE Jones Farm entrance) had blown over.

    Bet it was fun to stand in it and watch, though. I love storms! 🙂

  4. Jeff Moriarty Says:

    You’re having quite the adventure up there, and I’m glad you’re keeping safe through it all. It’s interesting (sad?) how neighbors that live 10 feet from each other in cities barely know each other or talk, compared to being a lot closer to each other when they’re much farther apart. (Zen moment there…)


  5. Neighbors « Marianne’s Virtual Salon Says:

    […] Jeff Moriarty’s comment about neighbors on my storm entry brought me up short. So even thought I just posted something, here I am back again. […]

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