Things abhorrent to nature

I read a wondersul piece in The Christian Science Monitor today about H. L. Mencken. And no, I am not a Christian Scientist (I’ve never been much of a joiner), but it’s a very interesting little newspaper.

You probably know the observation “Nature abhors a vacuum.” Mencken went one better with “Nature abhors a moron.”

Among the little known facts in the article: Mencken wrote more than 100,000 letters. “Whew,” Ben said, “I can’t imagine even sending that many e-mails.” I believe him. I’m not sure he’s ever sent more than one, and I coerced him into that one.

At today’s postal rates, 100,000 letters would cost $39,000 in postage alone (Am I doing that math right? I think so). I’d rather retire. Thank God for e-mail.

Speaking of which, now I’ve got to go do some. . .

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