Naveed checks in, Third Wave people, and assorted miscellany

On my blog post about being tagged, I mentioned that my link for Naveed’s blog didn’t work. Afterward I thought, “Oh, he’s probably disabled it because he’s off to India for a couple of months.” But no, he hasn’t, and in fact has responded. You can find his response on his blog, and his blog is worth checking out.

I think the very best thing about the time I spent at Intel was the number of truly interesting people I met. I have a geek collection second to none. But I value most of these folks not just for their geekdom (which I have found very useful at times, being a woman of a certain age who grew up when books and direct coquetry were still in style) but for their peopleness.

I suspect that Alvin Toffler is passe, but I will never forget the huge “Aha!” I had reading Future Shock for the first time. Until I read that book, I really though I was losing my marbles. But Toffler acknowledged that the disconnects I felt were real, the world WAS changing, and I believed again that my brain was OK even if the world was getting weird (or wired).

Then he published The Third Wave. It was an interesting book at the time I read it (we’re talking ’70s here, folks), but now it’s a very useful reference. I am a Third Wave person. I’m married to a first wave person. We are both this way by choice, and according to Toffler, that’s a far more compatible pairing than if I had attempted to live happily ever after with a Second Wave industrialist. Based on experience, I can only say “Amen.”

I don’t love technology for technology’s sake. That may offend some of you. But I do love technology for what it allows me to do and where it allows me to do it from. I made it to Molalla today to pick up a last Christmas gift, and I wish someone would invent the teleporter for real.

One Response to “Naveed checks in, Third Wave people, and assorted miscellany”

  1. Naveed Says:

    Looks like you have not slowed down one bit 🙂 Keep on writing! Thanks for linking my blog

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