Wrapping up the year

Here’s the official total: For the year 2006, out here on the Big Elk we had an even 97 inches of rain. I used to be 5 feet, 3 inches tall; I suspect with aging and bone deterioration I’m now closer to 5’2″. In either case, that’s enough water to go over my head by half again my height.

But I haven’t drowned (or melted, even, the only actual proof I have that I’m not the wicked witch of the West). We’ve had glorious holidays. It’s raining again. The rain gauge has just over 1.5 inches in it tonight. But the trees will love it. And if the truth be known, I’m enjoying it, too. No guilt about not being outside busting my tail on something or other.

2006 was good to me, and 2007 is promising. Promising what, I’m not totally sure, but I am a firm believer in serendipity and che sera sera, and I’m ready for it.


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