Moon jellies and other manifestations of white

The first exhibit at the Newport Aquarium always stops me in my tracks. When you come in through the main entrance, you come upon a clear tank (plexiglass, I’m assuming). It’s circular, and about 10 feet across, maybe 12 feet tall. It’s full of white jellyfish that we all call “moon jellies.” I have no idea what their real name is. But it’s like watching a living lava lamp, and it has taken me as much as a half hour to get on with going to the other exhibits. I stop, look, walk around the round tank (stopping frequently) to see if different views produce something different.

These jellyfish are white and almost transparent–even their bodies. There’s something other-wordly about them. I’ve threatened for years to put a similar tank in my living room, although how I would support even a somewhat smaller filtered saltwater tank with no electrical power except in the evenings is beyond me.

But when I was in Seaside this weekend, I found this at the Seaside Aquarium:

Moon jelly sculpture

The best thing about this little glass rendition is that the moon jellies glow in the dark. I figure this might make Ben a little crazy when he’s up and around at night. I like Ben a little crazy, so that works. And this is very low maintenance. I’ll just have to dust it once in awhile.

White is a lovely phenomenon. I think many folks would identify it as an absence of color, but of course it’s really the full integration of all colors in the visible spectrum. You can separate them with a prism, but no rainbow has ever been as starkly lovely as crystalline white, IMNHO.

Remember the sunset I posted? Here’s what that tree looked like this morning:

Snow tree

And here’s another view from the front door (I didn’t venture too far afield this morning. . .):


Now I’ve got lasagne in the oven and it’s time to go check the fire.


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