OK, I’ve had enough winter

I love having four seasons. And a bit of snow and ice let me know that winter has come (and gone). Brenda reminded me yesterday on our way to town that she and Ralph had asked this specific question: “What about snow and ice?” We, of course, reassured them that we got a little of each every winter but it never hung around. We both had a good laugh.

Our water has now been out for about a week. We’re down to a very small (<100 gallons) amount in the tank that we’re reserving for flushing. Ralph brought a 5 gallon carboy with spring water in it up tonight so I could do a week’s worth of dishes. Our intake pipe appears to be frozen for most of the quarter mile it runs to the spring. Ben says that where it’s exposed (it has mostly buried itself in duff over the years), the ice is half an inch thick on the outside. But the temperature is above freezing tonight, and the fog has settled in, which tends to keep the heat on the ground. Two more days of this and we’ll have water again.

I talked to friends in Waldport and Newport today. It’s thawed both places, so there’s hope. My poet friend Ruth in Waldport has lived on the coast for decades. She assures me that this sort of weather only happens every 11-15 years. So I figure once we get through this, we have a whole series of mild winters to look forward to.

But our house is warm, the food is good (occasionally great), and the outdoors is incredibly beautiful. I can’t imagine any place I’d rather be.


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