Water’s back in service, yeast bread’s rising, all is well in the world again

We made it through the freeze with all pipes intact, and yesterday the water system thawed enough to fill and overflow the tank last night. Sweetest music in the world, that overflow trickle, as we were down to about the last 20 gallons or so.

But it’s nearly 40 (F) today, the remainder of the snow is melting, and the sun’s even shining a bit. Bread dough is rising by the kitchen stove.

This morning, I wrote the first poem draft I’ve written since I finished grad school in June. Perhaps the long post-grad-school slump is finally over. I was listening to one of the “Joy of Science” lectures yesterday, and what I heard was so poetic that I’m going to go write another.

But right now, there’s a gorgeous golden-crowned kinglet sitting on a branch right outside the window near my desk. He’s watching me peck away here, and I’m watching him watch me. I love my office. It’s on the second floor, up among the trees, windows on three sides, so it’s almost like an aerie.


2 Responses to “Water’s back in service, yeast bread’s rising, all is well in the world again”

  1. Brent Says:

    You know, listening to you describe your “world” now makes it seem like you live somewhere completely different, yet you are only an hour or so away; seems more like light years… 🙂

  2. mklekacz Says:

    I’m losing my computer skills. I just wrote a response but it didn’t show up. I suspect I forgot to submit it. So if it shows up twice, call it a senior moment.

    It’s really more like three hours away here, but mostly because of the last 20 miles. But it’s definitely a world away from high tech, although I have the benefits that re important to me.

    I’d like to tell you that I miss my gray vubicle, but my nose would grow. I do, however, miss you and quite a number of others of whom I became quite fond.

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