Fire, shopping, and dog snacks

Yesterday morning I did my best to set fire to the house. Fortunately, I failed.

Now, in fairness, the stage was set for me because it’s been too long since we cleaned the living room chimney, and we use that stove a lot, particularly in the winter. I got up about 4 a.m. (totally dark, but I couldn’t sleep and saw no reason to keep Ben awake with my tossing and turning). I lit the fire, fed it off and on, and dozed a little while listening to NPR. I was too late for the BBC news.

It was just atarting to get light when I opened my eyes to see a flaming ember floating past the window. My first thought: “What a weird reflection!” Then more burning stuff, and it was clearly outside, not reflected on the window. Luckily the fire was dying down again, because the chimney had caught fire and was burning on its own.

I hollered at Ben, who sighed and got up to check the roof area upstairs. All was well, the fire died down, and eventually my heart rate dropped to normal. I am terrified of fire. My mother said it was because I was actually in a number of house fires as a child. I have little memory of those, but I obviously remember that fire is a reason to panic and get very excited.

Then I drove off to Salem to do some mandatory banking that I preferred to do in person. With that done, I attempted to so some shopping, but nobody had the things in stock that I was prepared to spend money on–a Wii and some marbles of the right sort. I did succeed in buying some very funny dog snacks for Kayla (Ralph and Brenda’s dog, which I spoil unconscionably). But my major shopping efforts were totally thwarted.

2 Responses to “Fire, shopping, and dog snacks”

  1. Josh Bancroft Says:

    Wow, that could have turned out worse. I’m terrified of fire, too. Always have been, though I’ve never been in a house fire. Closest I came is when I fell asleep on the couch in my apartment once, while a candle was burning. The candle burned down, and somehow caught the CD storage case it was sitting on on fire. I woke up to that unnatural yellow light flickering much too brightly in the dark living room (flames were maybe a foot), and the smoke detector going off. I panicked, but luckily had the presence of mind to get big glass of water and pour it on the fire, putting it out before it spread. I guess I was lucky. 🙂

    Sorry you didn’t score a Wii – they’re extremely hard to find. Still selling out almost instantly, months after launch. People still line up at o’dark thirty in the morning when they hear a store is going to get a shipment. I’ll keep my eye out for you (I want one too!), and let you know if I find a source. Do UPS or FedEd deliver to Big Elk? 😉

  2. mklekacz Says:

    Josh, we have both UPS and FedEx. The first UPS delivery on the Big Elk was more than 25 years ago, when they first started advertising “We deliver anywhere.” Kenny’s (our neighbor) mom sent him some New York Bagels (two-day delivery service). You should have seen the UPS guy’s face (he had just driven 11 miles over impossible road) when Kenny opened the box and exclaimed, “Oh! My bagels!”

    If you find a good Wii source, let me know. What really appeals to me is the ability to download the older games in the Wii format. I can have the WHOLE Zelda collection in a single format. Yahooooo!

    A friend of ours lost his house when some weird hippie lady whom he had let use his shower went off to take a nap and left her meditation candle burning. So you were lucky.

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