Odds and ends, how I spent the day, some pictures

I occasionally indulge in a rant. I’m sure this will surprise (not) those of you who know me and have listened to me carrying on about something or other. My rants are generally caused by something minor. I deal much more easily with the big things like what is going on with my brother now. Those things I assess and, if I can’t change them, I do my best to ignore them and immerse myself in things I can affect.

Earlier this week, I’m afraid I disintegrated into the ranting stage. I had two leaf rakes and couldn’t find either of them when I was trying to clear a flower bed and a hillside. When I asked Ben, he said that Ralph had broken the handle of one and had the other down at his house. I generated a pretty fair tirade about how tired I was of not having my tools available when I wanted them and blah, blah, blah. I said, “I am going to go buy a rake and paint the handle pink so none of you macho guys will touch it.” You probably should know that this was a serious threat. I have a toolbox full of MY garden tools and another full of MY household tools, and woe unto the person who touches one of them without explicit permission and a substantial deposit.

My rant must have been relayed. Ralph and Brenda came by a couple of evenings later, and here’s what I found on my kitchen table (click on the thumbnail to see the bigger picture):


I’ve used it several times, left it in odd places, and no one has touched it.

Spring is definitely on the way. A few days ago, my favorite minister of propaganda posted pictures of snowdrops in the U.K. They were well ahead of mine. But here’s what mine looked like this afternoon:


Today has been a pretty good day. I spent the whole day either cooking or gardening. I started the kitchen fire early this morning. Brenda came down to help me make fresh scones for breakfast. She’s just learning about baking. They must have worked, because we made 16 scones for the four of us and here’s what was left at 1 p.m.:


Actually, they were pretty tasty–dried apricot with white chocolate. This was a new scone batter recipe. (I keep searching for the perfect one.) I really liked it, and now I can hardly wait for blueberry season.

Then I set some French bread to rise to go with tonight’s pot roast and went out to try to reclaim my lost flower bed. My whole body hurts, but the flower bed looks better than it has in years and dinner was yummy.

I talked to my brother tonight, and things are looking OK so far for him to get the treatment he needs. At least the hospital hasn’t said “no,” even though there are a few hoops to jump through. I may be off to Boston with him shortly.

All in all, not a bad day.


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