I’ll probably never post another poem here

Boy, does the WordPress interface suck for special formatting. <EOM>

2 Responses to “I’ll probably never post another poem here”

  1. helenl Says:

    Hi. I found you via the tag Poetry.

    A couple of observations about posting poetry. 1) Some poems just won’t post (unless you know HTML, which I don’t). 2) Copy and paste from Word often works. 3) A trick I use to keep the lines between stanzas: type a single period (.) at the beginning of the lines you want blank. They’re not really blank, but it’s better than destroying your formatting. Hope some of this helps.

    NOTE: WordPress is better about this than it used to be.

  2. mklekacz Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. I do know a little HTML, and I was able to get the poem into something resembling its original form by manipulating the code. But it took an incredible amount of figuring out to get all of the stuff that Word had buried out of it. . .

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