A short update on the progress of spring here

Today was about as perfect as a February day gets on the Big Elk–about 60 degrees, sun shining brightly until just a little while ago. Now it’s clabbering up for a little more rain from the look of things.

Bulbs up everywhere, even places I didn’t know I had bulbs. I think once things start to naturalize (I’m more and more coming to the conclusion that this is what happens when the gardener neglects them, although the fancy garden magazines would have you believe it’s a planned strategy), they hit critical mass and become as out of control as everything else around here. But in the case of spring bulbs, I guess that’s a good thing.

Still haven’t figured out what the pink shoots in the flower bed are, but I’m pretty sure they’re not blackberries. They’re not growing fast enough. . .

Snowdrops and early daffodils in bloom. Larkspur up down by the river, buttercups everywhere. I think my dogwood tree is finally going to bloom this year. It has one definite fully developed flower bud on it and what appear to be many others forming. Hurray! It was just a 12-inch stick when I planted it some years ago. My redbuds bloomed last year, so now I’m just waiting to see what happens with the hawthorn.

My brother and his wife are visiting this weekend. We’re all doing a fine job of ignoring the elephant in the living room and eating and drinking well instead.

Now I’m off to make chili.

5 Responses to “A short update on the progress of spring here”

  1. Philip Ferris Says:

    I was thinking of your plants this morning when
    I saw almond trees in blossom whike out shopping.

  2. mklekacz Says:

    Oh, Phil, I love living where there are four real seasons. Spring and fall are my favorites, I think because the changes are so great. I’ll bet your almond trees are lovely.

  3. Armin Says:

    I’m only seeing first shoots just starting to appear on the trees outside of my kitchen window. Seems to be a bit further in Cornwall than here in Wiltshire. Hope spring comes soon, less than two months until WalkIslay now…

    Unfortunately the weather is a bit wrong at the moment: Really dull and grey over the weekends when I can go out, frequently sunny during the week when I’m at work. And the office is in a business park, no opportunity I know of within easy reach for a nice walk over lunch. Hrmpf.

    And I’m off to try a recipe for Raspberry Wholemeal Muffins 😉

  4. Philip Ferris Says:

    Marianne, I too like the changing seasons, Autumn (or Fall) is my favourite, those colours truly the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

    Armin, we have things in common in that I am in love with the Highland coast and spend time when we are able in Oban.

    I am so much more fortunate than many in where I work. My main base is a building just 2 minutes from the seafront, where I can walk along for miles in either direction. I do appreciate it and this is important, I am afraid of growing inamoured to the beauty that surrounds me; so easy to find somewhere else beautiful but so important to see it at home, when living somewhere as wonderful as here.

  5. mklekacz Says:

    Don’t give up, Armin. I’m not sure how it is in Wiltshire, but here once spring decides to come, it comes with a big flash. And it looks like we’ve passed the tipping point. I liked the winter cold this year, but I’m awfully glad it’s gone.

    Phil, your comment about the season of the mists really struck a chord. We live not too far from the Pacific Coast, but we are certainly not on the shore. However, we have this wonderful little river valley, and many evenings or mornings when the mix of temperature and humidity is just right, this funny little mist rises along the river. It’s the pits to drive in, but wonderful to watch from the coziness of my porch.

    A note to you both: Keep those wonderful names coming. When I hear Islay or Oban, ,my mouth recalls some very fine single malt scotches tasted over time.

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