Very cool Web site at Cornell U.

One of the frustrating things about living in the forest is that you can see and hear birds, but rarely both at the same time. The ones I can see, I can make a pretty good job of identifying with my bird book or Audubon field guide, but it’s difficult to match them up with the random sounds from the trees. And this year we seem to have an inordinate number of calls I’ve not heard here before.

So I was really happy to discover the Macaulay Library (Cornell University) Web site with its amazing collection of calls and animal noises. I’ve already identified a couple. Birds aren’t all they do, just what I’m looking for right now.

Yesterday a very large Pacific loon flew right across the meadow. I’ve never seen one that close before.

2 Responses to “Very cool Web site at Cornell U.”

  1. ombudsben Says:

    Cornell is fantastic for ornithology. Have you ever checked out “The Birder’s Handbook”? Not a field guide, but a companion with many wonderful features on how birds live (left hand page) and excellent essays (right hand page).

    some day, when I can retire, I hope to spend much time reading, and the Birder’s Handbook is high on my list.

  2. mklekacz Says:

    Haven’t seen that one. Is it one of the Sibley books?

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