Suddenly everyone I know is famous

This morning I finally got around to opening up the Sunday Oregonian that I bought on my trip home from Fishtrap yesterday. I always go first to the “O” section. It has the crossword puzzle and the advice columns.

When I whipped it out of the 5-pound paper, what greeted me but a terrific photo of my friend and compadre Josh Bancroft. Josh and I worked together peripherally at Intel. He’s the one who got me started blogging. There are days I curse him (he must have known I have an addictive personality, and the fourth time I told him something and he said “Great! Have you blogged about it?” I started developing another obsession), but most of the time I bless him for his generosity in sharing his technical expertise and encouragement.

Josh is a terrific guy, and if he is representative of the near future, I am suddenly more optimistic.

Then I turned a page or two, and here is my friend Oz Koglin with her wonderful poetry featured in honor of Black History Month. If you haven’t run across Oz but you bought the paper, take a few minutes and read her work. She is an amazing poet.

Then I turn another page and find a review of Fishtrap’s Mary Schlick. Mary will be featured as one of the “Found at Fishtrap” authors at the 20th anniversary extravaganza this summer. She has two books now about her experience living on Indian reservations.

I’d love to put in electronic links to these various pieces, but I am finding The Oregonian Live a totally hopeless Web site. So I can only offer you Josh’s article, which he was kind enough to post a link to. Here is the link to the article about Josh.

4 Responses to “Suddenly everyone I know is famous”

  1. Heath Says:

    how funny – add me to the list, my first book of poetry was just published to 🙂

    “Pear in a Bowl, a whimsical series” – by Heath L Buckmaster.

  2. mklekacz Says:

    Very, very cool. I’ll go look for it. Amazon would go broke without me, but then so would several independent bookstores. Ben asked me yesterday if I wasn’t worried that my stack of books was going to collapse on me and kill me.

  3. Test Says:

    Hi all!


  4. patricia Says:

    Got a website, but gotta look it up. I’m new and soft as a baby’s butt on these fangled machines.

    I like the distinction between author and writer and have agreed with that for more years than I care to say. And I think Doris Lessing’s observation that if there were no writers there would be no “writing industry” per se. No libraries, no publishers (altho sometimes I wish there weren’t ) no editors, no critics (sometimes glad for that demise too! ‘tho I’ve tried being one now and then. Brrrr.) no printers, no pulp paper makers, and sadly, no readers! So, yes, be careful what we pray for…

    I, too have entered a contest. Don’t recall which one. I think Writer’s Digest, novel. Will know in a few months. And I am now a dues paying member of PMA and will be entered into their Ben Franklin Awards next year. PMA is the Independent Booksellers Assn. which is a boon to self publishers and small presses, of which I count myself member. Thru them I have been exhibited at the BEA (BookExpo in NYC this year, next it’s L.A. I’ll go to that too. Always Memorial Day week end. NYC was nothing spectacular. ) and at the Oct. 2007 Frankfurt (GR) Fair where hundreds of thousands of people show up and where I might get opted for translation and printing in Europe somehwere. “Congo Mission” is a title (and a story) I think Europeans will be enticed into. So… on we writers trudge through thick and thin times hacking away at the jungle that wants to swallow us up forever. Not like the real forest, that will one day reclaim its original place on the planet if we don’t do something soon to live like civilized humans with empathy, reason and love.
    Miss the PAC NWest! People, but not the rain. Am in LaGrange IL now (where it IS raining!) waiting for the morrow when I leave for Disneyworld, a place I have never experienced. So, you might say I am going home … to never never land…?
    Patricia L.

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