Is anyone else having problems with IE 7?

This is making me crazy. I downloaded IE 7 some time back, and for some period of time it actually worked. There are lots of things I like about it, the tabbed construction of multiple pages being one of them.

Then suddenly the script quit exporting my IP address. In order to connect, I have to open IE 7, wait for it to tell me I have network problems, then run the network connectivity diagnostic (yes, I know I could simply run a release/renew and accomplish the same thing).

But it’s fouling up my automatic antivirus software update, so I have to run that manually too. I talked to my ISP, they tell me many of their customers are having a variety of problems with IE 7 and I should just uninstall it and load Firefox instead. But I don’t want to learn another browser. . .I think if my ISP’s customers are having all sorts of problems with IE 7, at least part of the problem might be with my ISP.

So, I want to know: Are any of the rest of you having similar problems? I know the connection script is now set for manual input of the IP address, but my system won’t let me change it. It’s making me nuts.

We didn’t get 11 inches of snow today, for which I will be forever grateful. We did have five hailstorms before noon and a few snow flurries, and our accumulated rainfall for February is hovering right at 16 inches. The river is up, the wind is blowing, we saw the sun for a few minutes.

The worst thing with all of this “weather” is that my daffodils really want to bloom. They keep swelling up and poking their little faces out, then they tuck back in like Eskimos into their parkas when the rain and chill hit them. I’m afraid this stupid weather is going to give me schizophrenic daffodils. And I really want to go cut armloads of them and fill the house with the color of sunlight.

I’m goofing off right now while the Swiss steak simmers in the oven. It gives me an hour or so where I don’t have to do anything but feed the fire.

I’ll bet I’ve seen two dozen recipes for “Swiss steak,” none of them quite like mine. But there are two basic varieties–tomato and non-tomato. My mother made it with tomato sauce, and I must admit it was never one of my favorites. I use the brown gravy technique, concocting a flour gravy from the drippings from the browned meat and letting it reduce in the oven to the consistency of used motor oil. Add mashed potatoes and a vegetable of choice or salad, and it’s a dinner hard to beat.


2 Responses to “Is anyone else having problems with IE 7?”

  1. Lakshmi Narayanan Says:

    i never had a problem with IE7 so as many others across the world. Problem shud b with ur isp. But FIREFOX IS GREAT AND SIMPLE. Try to use it.It is not a problem to migrate from IE to Firefox

  2. Brent Says:

    When I was using a beta version of IE7, I had a whole host of issues, including conflicts with other MSFT prodcuts. It was a bear to de-install – I had to call MSFT for help.

    Since waiting and switching to the RTM version, the only thing I have seen is that it is a little slow when opening that first window.

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