More about IE 7, and daffodils

Thank you, Lakshmi and Brent, for the helpful suggestions. I’ve downloaded Firefox (Lord, that’s hard for me to type because I have all of the Foxfire books,  which is a whole different story), but I haven’t installed it. I uninstalled and reinstalled IE 7, and so far, it is working. I’ll know more tomorrow after things have been totally shut down.

It drizzled all day. I hated this sort of weather. I’d really like it if I could get two hours of sunlight interspersed with an hour or so of rain about three times as hard as we’ve had today, then two more hours of sun and an hour of real rain, and so on. But the weather planner never listens to me.

Tomorrow I have to go to town and do a few errands, but then I’m going to go cut those swaths of daffodils I was talking about. I walked down to the orchard today in the rain, and I have to think the poor little things will be happier in my warm house than they are in the drizzle. We’ll see.

If they ever open up, really, I’ll try to post a picture. There’s something about thousands of naturalized daffodils that is hard to describe.

Remember the little downy woodpecker who was building a nest off the back porch? The day after she got her hole together was the day the monsoons started. I’m sure it filled the hollow with water, and she abandoned it. But earlier this week, a sapsucker was really checking it out. No signs of nesting yet. I think the hollow may still be filled with water.

If I were E. B. White, I’d probably try to figure out a way to build a weather-resistant awning above the entryway. But I’m not, and I have no idea whether woodpeckers can live with awnings. . .


2 Responses to “More about IE 7, and daffodils”

  1. Phil Ferris Says:

    I am late into this one on IE7, and have nothing helpful to say; (have you noticed how having nothing useful to say hasn’t stopped me from commenting?)

    My current laptop is 5 years old, a 601Mhz Celeron running XP, it takes all my strength to keep things running as they are. I run Opera because it offered tabs before Explorer and runs speedily on this Samsung VM7000.

    I will let you know how I get on with Explorer 7 when I receive my new laptop. See my blog on for the embarassing table of how I was laid low by one of the 7 deadly sins 😉

  2. mklekacz Says:

    Thanks, Phil. I suspect there really is no fix for this. I’ve done what I can. I’ve downloaded (thought not installed) Firefox, iuninstalled and reinstalled IE 7, and nothing is better. I’ll put up with it until I’m tired of it, then I’ll switch to Firefox, I guess.

    Good luck with the new system. Let us know what happens.

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