Daffodils, search terms, and other mysteries

Well, based on the deafening silence, nobody else knows who/what “signe conway” is either. But an ominous new search string showed up today. I got a rather large number of hits from someone searching for “civil responsibilities.” I’m sure this is based on my Fishtrap posts. I just hope all of these searchers aren’t from NSA. . .

I promised you some daffodil pictures, so here we go:


This picture (click on the thumbnail to see a larger version) is what you see as you approach our house by the driveway this time of year. The dark old moss-covered trees are 100-year-old walnut trees. The daffodils here are part of my “wild” daffodils, a bit of a misnomer since they came from the original homestead house which was just up the hill from this picture. When the place was logged just before Ben bought it, the loggers catted down the old house and scattered bulbs for about a hundred yards. They have “naturalized,” and now I have thousands. This is a very small portion of them.

The double ones, the ones that have truly “gone wild” (as my mother used to say), are just now opening. They make the very best cut flowers; they last twice as long as the single ones. Here’s a clump of them:


That’s it for the moment, but if you know what this “signe conway” stuff is all about or why the NSA would be interested in my blog, please let me know.


5 Responses to “Daffodils, search terms, and other mysteries”

  1. whitishrabbit Says:

    I love those moss-colored walnut trees, they look so… foresty.

    You mentioned Signe Conway in your January 7th blog, “Last Thursday’s NY Times ( the “Style” section) featured emerging trends in fashion. And there, on page E5, is a picture of Signe Conway, who wanders around Manhattan in her bedroom slippers, something the Times calls an “emerging fashion trend.” What makes this notable is that these are MY bedroom slippers–L. L. Bean’s shearling slippers with outdoor soles.”

    How did I find this out? Well, if you google Signe Conway, your blog is the first entry that pops up, top of the page. …And the second, now, since you wrote another post about Signe Conway. People wait their whole virtual life to get a top google entry, and you got it accidentally. That’s rather amazing.

  2. mklekacz Says:

    Rabbit, I am ROTFLOL. Thank you, thank you for solving this mystery.

    I must admit two things. I didn’t even search my site (I was so sure I had never heard of Signe Conway) And, I have never even been modestly ambitious about topping Google’s output list, but now that it’s happened, I think I’ll add it my resume. . .

    God bless Signe Conway. She made my day modeling my slippers at a subway station in NYC and demonstrating to my rural friends here that yes, fashion trends can begin on the Big Elk.

    And bless you as well for solving one of my great mysteries. Now if you could just tell me if NSA’s really tracking me. . .

  3. mklekacz Says:

    BTW, it now also occurs to me to wonder: Why are so many people googling “signe conway”? This is nearly an everyday occurence.

  4. whitishrabbit Says:

    NSA? Heh. You’re on your own with that one…

  5. mklekacz Says:

    I have a new theory. I suspect some teacher gave an assignment, because the views appear to have all come from answers.com. I checked, and sure enough, by blog entry is on the first page if you query for civil responsibilities.

    This is far less scary than my previous theory. . .

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