Who is Signe Conway and what does he/she have to do with my blog?

Some time back, Heath posted a wonderful piece about the searcht terms that people use to find his blog. Some of the ones that show up frequently on mine include “collectible marbles” (I understand that one), “slippers” (ditto), and “Virtual Salon” (maybe someone actually looking for me).

But a frequent repeat is “signe conway.” I have no idea what this means, don’t believe I have ever posted anything containing the words “signe” or “conway” (I’ve blown that now, haven’t I?), or even written something containing those terms as part words. Nor have I ever (that I recall) seen a comment from “signe conway.”

It’s a great mystery.

Today was one of those wonderful spring days, about 62 degrees and sunny. I planted 30 seedling trees (gifts from assorted neighbors) in one-gallon pots that are now sitting on my back patio–red cedars, hemlocks, what looks like blue spruce, and some kind of fir (balsam or Korean would be my guess). I also planted tigridia and coreopsis in pots. I’ve given up trying to plant bulbs other than the various forms of narcissus in the ground. Either the deer or the gophers I’m sure we have lay waste to anything else. 20+ tulips have bitten the dust so far this year.

The daffodils are gorgeous. I took some pictures today, but my camera’s downstairs, so I’ll post them tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Who is Signe Conway and what does he/she have to do with my blog?”

  1. Cole Says:

    Chuckle…I get the Signe Conway search because I sniped a bit from the New York Times — See:http://etalli.typepad.com/et_alli/2007/01/it_looks_like_e.html

    ‘Where You Least Expect It

    Published: January 4, 2007

    …I am thinking of a microfad recently noted among privileged young women in elite neighborhoods of the Upper East Side, the wearing of bedroom slippers on the streets. “It started at boarding schools two years ago, when every single boarding-school kid was wearing them,” Signe Conway, a senior at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, explained last week, as she stood outside Yura & Co., a coffee shop that doubles as a private neighborhood clubhouse. Ms. Conway, 17, was wearing a pair of fuzzy suede moccasin-style slippers, the sort lined with shearling and with a roll of fur turned down on each side. The slippers are sold by L .L. Bean; they caught on when girls’ school administrators banned the wearing of the now ubiquitous Ugg boots.
    Like flip-flops in January, slippers on the sidewalk flout logic. They blur lines. They catch the eye and jolt one into the subtle realization that boundaries between public space and private are permeable. The gesture is small but it reminds one that fashion is a monumental system built on coded details….’


  2. Marianne Says:

    Cole, my poor slippers are showing the wear of a year, so I just bought a new pair in case I need to go to town. . .


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