What if it’s really the soul that’s holding the universe together?

I guess I’ve been reading a lot of weird stuff lately, because my mind seems to be off in Never-Never Land tonight. I’ve long been fascinated by dark energy and dark matter, mostly because no one seems to have a clue what either is.

Dark energy is largely regarded as a sort of anti-gravity stuff, the force that pushes the universe apart as gravity is pulling things together. Dark matter is one of those things that exist (we think) but science doesn’t have a clue about.

It’s the mysteries that keep things worth exploring.

But today I had this sudden thought: What if dark energy is that “glob” my father was speculating about? If this makes no sense to you, go read my previous post.

Dark energy and dark matter together comprise more than 75% of the mass in the universe (at least based on current scientific speculation), and we have no real understanding of what either is. But maybe all that unidentified material (now showing up in radio images) is really the life-force/soul/what-makes-everything-important stuff.

Scientific hypotheses have been formed from far lesser speculations. Remember Copernicus, who asked: What if the Earth really revolves around the sun instead of the other way around? He got laughed out of town for a long time.

I’m prepared to be laughed out of town, but I think maybe we’re looking in the right place (the only universe we have) and getting the wrong answers. Could it be we’re asking the wrong questions?


10 Responses to “What if it’s really the soul that’s holding the universe together?”

  1. journeyintosoul Says:

    Indeed! And consider that perhaps the answers are not ‘understood’ fully in these reality. It’s a beautiful thing that Quantum dynamics are being realized here and now by sciences and more importantly … accepted. Consider this: what is there are multiverses…
    Stay outside the box! 🙂

  2. journeyintosoul Says:

    A typo: What ‘if’ there are multiverses… puts a whole new twist on every and all things.
    I hope this links to my blog, if you click it. If not, it goes to my website which has a link to wordpress. I’m new at this… Many blessings. Imaya

  3. mklekacz Says:

    Imaya, it linked perfectly. This line caught my eye:

    “We encourage you to let go of that which is not working out.”

    In my experience, when you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, the universe flows smoothly around you (think big rock in the eddy of a river current). If you start running into obstacles, it’s maybe time to take another look at what you are trying to do and how you are going about it.

  4. journeyintosoul Says:

    I don’t know why the link keeps changing with the ‘jouneyintosoul’… could you suggest something here? How do I go about linking this to my blog page. Now it is going to the WordPress main page. I’ll be glad with I get this figured out. Anything that you would suggest, I’d appreciate.

    Add’l reply: It’s all about flow… even with my above situation. I flow with the experience and have faith that it’ll be resolved. Perhaps with your help right now. When we are not in ‘the flow’…this is where struggle shows up. Your statement is all about ‘flow’. It’s beautiful to see you express it so beautifully. 🙂 Imaya

  5. mklekacz Says:

    Imaya, it’s linked correctly for me. It may be that since you are logged in, the system thinks you want to go to your dashboard.

    Any WordPress whizzes out there who can answer this one?

  6. MoskerVenice Says:

    I’ve been obsessing on how some think the universe expands and then contracts in cycles. Now that we’re melting the polar ice caps, it might be time to view religious texts as prophetic–but they should be read backwards. [ala Martin Amis’s backwards novel, Times Arrow]

    Great flood anyone? Then let’s follow it with other common legends: Sky and earth deities in such messy couplings that instead of creating life, it reduces creation to primordial interstellar goo?

    And on the first day, G-d forgot to recharge the batteries on heaven’s camcorder.

  7. mklekacz Says:

    Dave, I thought I was reading weird stuff, but it sounds as if you’ve been wallowing around in Calvino’s “Cosmicomics.” But then, there are probably worse places to wallow.

    I’ve been fascinated by geology in the last half year or so, and the eye opener there was that the Americas have moved back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean at least three times in accessible geologic history, recreating, I suppose, the single continent of Gaia, then breaking it up all over again. Great floods pale beside that level of change.

    Just think, you could walk from Venice to Venice. . .

  8. journeyintosoul Says:

    Thank you for the feedback with regard to the linking. I think it’s all in order now… (whatever that is… hehehe)
    Earth changes…it’s never stopped. She is just going to be showing us more. Hold on for the ride!

  9. sundance02 Says:

    Strange to read dark matter and souls, i often wondered was it poss that evrything that has life in the universe leaves energy when it dies and as life increases across the universe so does death so my point if the universe were a balloon and the energy left behind was a unseen force made from the souls of anything that lived including stars moons planets and if this was to be continues and multi universed and all contained within the same balloon then that would force the exspansion to get faster and faster till ?? just my theory told simply

  10. sundance02 Says:

    ps like a balloon it goes bang a big bang then we start again. maybe just sci-fi

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