Spring is well and truly here–uh, oh

And you can tell this in Oregon because–guess what?–it’s raining. ;^}

I just went looking for the pictures I posted on my blog back in January of the bread baked in my wood stove. I wanted share them with Whig. It took me forever to find them (this was before I started using tags or it probably would have been simpler), but finally I did. I posted them at Whig’s place (Cannablog in my blogroll), but if you missed them, they’re here.

But the thing I noticed was how much stuff I wrote in here during the month of January. You may recall the big storms and stuff, and it’s very clear that I was pretty housebound. I can see that it’s going to be harder to sit down and wax philosophical as the days keep getting longer and the weather keeps getting better (yes, Ombudsben, we actually do get good weather here at some times of the year).

Yesterday I started a bunch of flower seeds in the kitchen window, noting that if anything would get things moving for my brother’s treatment, my doing this was it. Sure enough, this morning the called him, and although there’s still no firm schedule, things are rolling along very quickly. I hope the guys can keep them damp if I have to leave for a week or two. If not, I’ll be buying nursery starts a little later.

But I have been procrastinating, and I think I’m going to have to whip myself into overdrive. There are roses to be moved, 5 trees and a lilac bush to be planted, Siberian iris to add to the spring garden, surplus Japanese iris to move, and on and on and on. Not nearly as much fun as strolling around looking at the blooming spring bulbs, but it has to happen.

Had a long day in town today and I’m sort of shot, so this will be a short entry tonight. But I did hear one more pretty funny ecumenical joke today. But I’m tired of offending folks, so I’ll probably just keep it to myself.


6 Responses to “Spring is well and truly here–uh, oh”

  1. jennylitchfield Says:

    Enjoyed a first time scroll through your blog entries and photos – procrastinations and all. I usually convince myself that strolling around looking at the garden is work, the stuff of dreaming and planning.

  2. ombudsben Says:

    “we actually do get good weather here at some times of the year”

    I’ve no doubt you do, and what’s more, you get real weather, something I (occasionally) miss.

    Thanks for the good humor!

  3. Josh Bancroft Says:

    Quick trick for searching your site – let Google do the work for you.

    Go to Google, and do a search with the site: parameter, which would look like this:

    site:mklekacz.wordpress.com bread stove

    Copy and paste that query into Google, and see what comes back. Tweak as necessary. I use this trick all the time when my own site search isn’t working, or when I’m trying to find something I know is on a particular site, but I have no idea where.

    Loving the writing – keep it coming! 🙂

  4. mklekacz Says:

    Jenny, welcome and come back any time. You never know what you’ll find here.

    Ben, we’ve certainly got enough influences to mix it up–seacoast, mountains, river network, deep valley, etc., etc. There’s alwaya a surprise just around the river bend. . .

    Josh, once again you’re giving me good advice and I really appreciate it. It would have saved me some time last night. But I’m surprised you have time with your new status as a nationally famous technology consultant (said with a smile–I think the recognition is long overdue.

  5. Armin Says:

    Spring? What spring?

    Winter has made a surprise return over here and it’s freezing cold! And I’m off to Islay in just over 3 weeks, I hope it warms up by then…

  6. mklekacz Says:

    Oh, Armin, I hope so, too. The weather is just downright weird this year. Good to hear from you, I’m still hoping you’ll find your way to coming out and hiking our hills and mountains. There’s a whole cave network up on Mary’s Peak that you can only get to by hiking.

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