12-hour shopping marathon leaves writer in exhausted state

Last night I was too tired to even write here. Ralph and I left home about 6:30 a.m. and returned ab out 6:30 p.m., having driven about 250 miles, stopping frequently to check out nursery plants and antique/junk shops. We both like this kind of stuff; Ben and Brenda sort of do the “ho-hum” thing when one of us suggests it.

We came home with my truck back and seats so filled that I doubt I could have put even a 4-inch pot in there somewhere. And boy did we create a lot of work for ourselves. Rough inventory of purchases: 2 Normandy firs, 1 China fir, 4 artichoke plants, some pansies and more strawberries, a star magnolia tree, a bunch of gorgeous columbines (pink, blue, and three color unown, since they haven’t bloomed yet), some dwarf holly and a gorgeous grass for Ralph and Brenda’s deck, more violets, more pansies, an “Adcock’s dwarf” (I think it’s a pine, but it grows VERY slowly to only a foot or two tall), a wonderful pine with yellow and green variegated needles (I forget the name but Merle Dean said it would grow to look like a tree in a Japanese garden and liked the shade, so I have a perfect place for it, several coast redwoods that Ralph wanted, and a little clumping plant with variegated leaves and a bright fuschia flower to go in a pot by the front door. I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but that will do for now.

I also found 2 Pyrex pot lids for 50 cents each, a real steal, and a glazed lidded pot that will do nicely for sourdough starter

Ralph suggested we should do this about once a month. Just the thought of it leaves me tired. . .I hate to shop, but we actually had a great time yesterday. We topped everything off with a quick gourmet dinner–grilled Hebrew National sausages on big buns (;^}) accompanied by fresh artichokes cooked in peppercorns and balsamic vinegar–delicious!

My sunflowers and cosmos are sprouting the the pots in the kitchen, so they’ll have to be moved to the garden in a week or two. Still no sign of the tigridia and crocosmia I planted, but I’m sure they’ll be along soon. The lily-of-the-valley is sprouting and will have to be moved shortly, too.

This morning (in between breaks to drink coffee, cook breakfast, and listen to “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”), I went outside to try to figure out where to plant some of this stuff.. Each time I did, it would start to rain, so I guess I’m supposed to think about it a little longer.

I can’t believe it’s Saturday already when just yesterday it was Monday. My whole week has disappeared.


2 Responses to “12-hour shopping marathon leaves writer in exhausted state”

  1. OmbudsBen Says:

    Have you written a post somewhere about who the members of your immediate family? I get the sense of two households living close by, but am not sure.

    Sometimes I’m up for shopping expeditions like this, but I’m generally quite content to stay home. Still, we need some things around the homestead, so one of our weekend days will soon be spent out at the nurseries sizing up tomato plants, etc.

    Are crocosmia what I know as crocuses? Not familiar with Tigridia. Have you ever seen or linked to good pictures of these online?

  2. mklekacz Says:

    Our nephew and his wife live up the hill from us. There’s about half a generation difference in age. We get along pretty well.

    Here are a couple of links you might enjoy:

    Crocosmia: http://www.mobot.org/gardeninghelp/plantfinder/Plant.asp?code=H680
    These would do well where you are.

    Tigridia: http://www.dunngardens.org/summer/tigridia_pavonia.html

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