A day in the country life

All my running around caught up with me big time today. I bounced out of bed just before 6 (I think my body is still on east coast time), but by 10, I just crashed and burned for about an hour. Nonetheless, I got some stuff done–some weeding, lettuce and broccoli starts planted, that kind of stuff. I even planted two pretty-good-sized tomato plants. As I told Ben, if we get our usual 5-6 weeks rain for May and June, they’ll probably just drown and be stunted, and I’ll be out about $5. But if we have one of those early spring years, then we’ll have early tomatoes.

My raspberries are budded, my strawberries and blueberries are blooming, the roses and artichokes are growing like the dickens. Tomorrow I’ll probably go plant a few radishes. We still haven’t done the final tilling that needs to be done (still too wet), so I’m just planting around the edges. We also have to finish the blueberry seraglio.

I have the only blueberries in the valley that live in a harem. Ben built me a little blueberry tent of bird netting. The hummers and bees can get in to pollinate them, but most of the obnoxious birds that steal the berries can’t, so we actually get to eat some of them. I only have six bushes, but they are prolific producers, and there is a month or so in the late spring when I’m afraid everyone here is going to develop a blue tint to their skins from blueberry pancakes, crepes, muffins, cobbler, and so on. But they are so-o-o-o good! The early ones are frequently as large as a quarter coin, and so sweet from the sun. I think if you can’t pick a berry and eat it while it’s still warm from the sun (any kind of berry), you’ve probably never tasted one.

Still have a few trees to plant. By tomorrow, I should know what the next few weeks of my life looks like, and I can plan a little better. Now I’m just putzing around, trying not to get into anything too involved.

I have a gopher. I usually try to ignore the pests, but this one is going to have to go. He’s eating the lupine plants I’ve nurtured so carefully from those little hard seeds for two years, so I’m declaring war.

That’s all for now. I just got an SOS from the meadow where the guys are working. They need a couple of cocktails, so I’m going to go play bar maid. Cheers to all.


4 Responses to “A day in the country life”

  1. Jeff Moriarty Says:

    I used to think the movie Caddyshack was a comedy. I was wrong. It is a documentary.

    In our place we have gophers. Many of them. They don’t just do cosmetic damage, but create dangerous holes in our lawn, screw up our irrigation, and seem to do little more than dig hole and make more gophers. If your gopher friend wants company, let me know and I’ll ship you a few!

  2. mklekacz Says:

    I loved Caddyshack. Probably just a reflection of my adolescent sense of humor.

    I could live with the holes, but when they start eating my plants (something gophers do that moles don’t), I lose my tolerance. Ben swears we have no gophers, but I know differently. I figured it out one year when something pulled an 18″ tomato plant down into the ground. . .

  3. Lisa Hostick Says:

    How lovely….how absolutely lovely. I am just sorry I haven’t visited sooner.
    With all that has been going on in our lives (meaning the last 3-4 years), I have begun reading a small pamphlet called Our Daily Bread. It’s uplifting and spiritual. My sister Mary Ann (hmmmmm…..something about that name?) must have seen a need as she subscribed to this “little book” for me.
    Now, I have another little something to read and very much enoy. I can keep up with your day to day adventures, probably share one or two and smile at the reality of it all!

  4. mklekacz Says:

    Lisa, glad you made it here. Distraction is about 90% of survival in hard times, I think, so I’ll try to give you something funny once in awhile. Hugs to you.

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