How to control the weather

I may have an answer to global warming. I’ve discovered what seems to be an absolutely infallible way to control the weather, at least where I live.

If I want it to rain, I just plan on working outside. If I want it to be sunny, all I need to do is make plans that will keep me away from home during daylight. Simple, what?

Yesterday I went on an absolute shopping binge–hit Bi-Mart, several nurseries, and my favorite kitchen store. Came home with the truck loaded up with seeds, plants, and kitchen stuff that I have no place to store. I have a huge kitched with mega-cupboards. But since I’ve already condensed two full kitchens into one, they’re pretty well full.

The plan for today was to get a bunch of stuff in the ground. As a result, we’ve had nearly an inch of rain today. This puts us farther from the goal of being able to till the garden one more time. But I’m going to be away all day tomorrow, so maybe it will get dry enough I can at least work some small sections with a hoe on Friday. Cross your fingers for me.

I satisfied the gardening urge by starting some more stuff in pots. This summer I want to grow enough pickling cucumbers and dill to make my own organic dill pickles (a personal favorite; as a kid I could eat a whole jar in one sitting and only get moderately ill). I made some a couple of years ago with store cucumbers, and they were delicious.

So if the garden ever dries out a little, I need to get the cucumbers planted, dill and cilantro in a corner where I hope I can control the seeds a bit, radishes and more lettuce in the ground (butter and romaine are my favorites), and probably a few peas. It’s still too cold to plant the warm weather stuff like beans and corn and carrots, but I’m ready for them when the garden is.

But I also bought an andromeda (very nice species called “Mountain Fire” that has amazing brilliant red new growth), several violets and ferns for my violet bed, some winter savory for my herb planter, an Oriental poppy (my grandfather’s favorite, although I confess I went for the rose with black center type instead of his beloved orange), a pink ruffled fragrant peony (the deer should love that), and a bunch of brassicas (cauliflower and several varieties of cabbage that can go in the garden as soon as I can walk in the garden without hearing a sucking sound every time I take a step).

I also need to get the summer savory planted somewhere. It will make all of those summer squash taste absolutely divine.

I’ve been late with my cabbage the last few years, and I want it in early this year so my sauerkraut will actually be ready in September for an Ocktoberfest celebration. I found a simple chemical free sauerkraut recipe that’s really delicious. It bears no resemblance whatsoever to the acidy tasting stuff you get in cans at the market. But it takes about 8 weeks to cure, so there’s no time to waste.

Now that I have given up all thoughts of gardening today, the sun is out. This only proves the western Oregon motto–“If you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutesw and it will change.”

5 Responses to “How to control the weather”

  1. Lisa Hostick Says:

    Well….this 40something kid woke up this morning, with that Christmas morning anticipation. Time to read the Blog!
    Rats….oops….Marianne is up and getting ready to come to YOUR house! Guess I can be patient and wait to open my gift when I get home!
    I did get egg salad made (in case you were hungry when you guys got back from the hospital). Baked some little bran muffins and there’s honeybutter to slather on.


  2. Desktopjunk Says:

    Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

  3. whitishrabbit Says:

    Has the weather changed yet?

  4. wanderings Says:

    just stopping by to say hi… i enjoy your writing…

  5. mklekacz Says:

    Lisa, the muffins were wonderful.

    Desktop, you sound like spam to me. If you’re not, feel free to protest.

    Rabbit, the weather has been changing every couple of hours since I wrote that. Today was lovely. I went out and killed some more blackberries.

    Annie, Hello! Glad to know you’re around. I miss our Friday morning chats.

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