New toys, poetry for profit, and the whole Marianne

The generator is on early tonight because I have batteries charging everywhere there’s a plug-in.

Ben and I both got new toys this week. Do you know the old saw about “the difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys”? Well, that’s sort of the difference between Ben’s toys and mine as well.

Here is Ben’s new toy:


This new toy cost about $20K. The main difference between it and his other two tractors is the cab, which includes a super-efficient heater and air conditioning. In fairness, he sold one of the other two tractors after he bought this one.

Here is my new toy:


Cost about $170 retail at Best Buy.

I wanted a portable DVD player so I could watch some Teaching Company courses that require video without running the generator. So far, I’m really pleased. This Toshiba player allows me to bookmark my place in a video, and the battery life is extraordinary. The remote control won’t make my coffee, but it does just about everything else. I tested it with one of my four favorite all time movies.

This is a very cool player with a 9 in. diagonal screen. It’s one of the things being charged up right now, but I tested it today, and I think I made a good choice.

Yesterday the Silverton Poetry Association paid me to come to Silverton and read some poems I wrote. This is a very cool thing. The opportunities to get paid for writing poetry are few and far between. The opportunities to get paid for reading it are even fewer.

I won’t get rich reading poetry, but the stipend probably paid for my gas to get there and back, and I would have done it for free. And I sold several chapbooks, all but one to people I didn’t know who bought a book after hearing me read, stroking my ego big time. And I had so-o-o-o much fun.

The truth be told, I have no desire to get rich, although I’d really like it if Intel stock would go up a few more dollars before I have to exercise my options. It’s not the money (she said, shrugging) it’s the principle of the thing. But I’m comfortable for the foreseeable future, and I think I know enough to live if the world falls apart, an assertion I hope won’t get tested.

I have chicken and cheese enchiladas cooking in the oven right now. In a few minutes, I’ll go down and create a salad of lettuce, tomoatoes, and olives to put over the top, to be dressed with guacamole, salsa, and sour cream, creating what one of my friends calls “the whole Marianne.” It’s a great dinner, and I’m starving. So I guess that’s enough for now.


4 Responses to “New toys, poetry for profit, and the whole Marianne”

  1. Lisa Hostick Says:

    I’m kicking myself right now for now checking out the poetry books for sale.
    Love your new toy and your enchilades sounded yummy!

  2. whitishrabbit Says:

    Yay! A post! Spring seems to be your busy season, I keep checking, though.

  3. mklekacz Says:

    Lisa, I know where you can get a chapbook. . .;^}

    Rabbit, sorry for the infrequent posting. Things just seem really busy right now, and for the most part, what I want to do is crawl into bed and pull my down comforter up over my head and let the rest of the world go by. It makes it hard to be creative, or interesting. . .

  4. whitishrabbit Says:

    Marianne- No apologies, I know you’ve had one heck of an April so far. I’d be camped out under the comforter for sure. Keep planting new life against the dark…, and take your good sweet time. You have faithful readers.

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