A big load of B*S*

I’ll bet you think this is going to be another pseudo-political post (“pseudo” because I do my best to ignore politics, as impossible as that is). But you’re wrong. It really is a post about a big load of bulls***, or probably more accurately, cows*** or steer manure.

I took a bunch of pictures of growing things today, and this will help put them in context.

Ben came home last night with the “exciting” news that Sterling, a neighbor up river, had a big pile of manure he needed to get rid of. “A gardener’s dream,” Ben called it, “aged for several years, nicely composted, ready to go in the garden without burning it up.”

I pointed out that we really didn’t need additives in most of our garden. I had just bought a small bag of sterile steer manure for the brassicas, and I thought it might be enough to feed the corn as well. But Ben was not to be deterred, asked me to call Sterling with my sweetest gardener’s voice and ask him what he’d charge to deliver it. “There’s about two pickup loads there, it’s perfect,” Ben said.

So with some trepidation about this whole thing, I called and arranged delivery.

Today Sterling showed up with about 20 cubic yards of aged manure in his rock truck, about three-four times as much as we can use. But this is Ben’s project, not mine. I was just the negotiator. He’s been moving manure the rest of the afternoon, and he’s arranged to give some of it to our neighbors.

Here’s what our garden looks like:


It’s about 40’x80′. It started out to be 40’x60′, but we added some at the end to put in a mini-orchard. You can see the raspberry patch and a red cherry plum in the foreground. It’s had its first rough till, and by Sunday it will have had the final till and gardening will begin in earnest. And it will have a whole bunch of manure tilled into it.

You can see there’s a substantial fence (8′ tall) around it. This is necessary if we are to enjoy any of it rather than feeding the deer. The vehicle in the middle is the little RTV with a dump bed, parked there so I can load the back with crabgrass and blackberry roots I dug out of the rose bed at the far end. Just behind the RTV is the blueberry patch:

Blueberry bushes

I have six varieties, two early, two mid-season, two late. But they all seem to come on faster than I’m ready for them. Here’s what this year’s crop looks like so far:

Blueberry blossoms

The early berries are the ones that get as big as quarters, and they are my very favorites. This year for sure I’m making blueberry scones.

That’s it for today’s garden report.  I took some tree pictures as well, but this post is so huge they’re going to have to wait for the next one.

9 Responses to “A big load of B*S*”

  1. whig Says:

    Oh, crap.

  2. mklekacz Says:

    My sentiments exactly, Whig.

  3. Barbara Says:

    Yeah, that’s a lotta BS. I hope you find uses for it. What a nice garden!

  4. mklekacz Says:

    This is only the second summer in 8 years that I’ve actually been able to be here for the whole growing season. So I’m fairly excited about it. It is a nice garden, and the soil is old river bed, lots of silt, the envy of the valley.

  5. whitishrabbit Says:

    *laughs* Men and their copious amounts of bull-pucky.

  6. ombudsben Says:

    M: Funny stuff re the political BS; I’m tempted to say now you can upload it straight to the computer–to which the only appropriate reply would be that I don’t need to load any, I’m overflowing as it is. Realizing now money can be made on the stuff, maybe I can sell some, too, and turn a profit.

    Great pic’s of the garden, too! It’s nice to see what a place looks like, and have a visual image of it. And look at all that sunshine, too …

  7. mklekacz Says:

    Rabbit, don’t tempt me. . .

    Ben, “It rains all the time here” is normally what we tell Californians, so don’t let the secret leak out, please.

    Don’t know if you ever saw the work of a cartoonist named Dan O’Neill from SF. He was probably before your time, but in the 60s he had a wonderful strip in the Chronicle that is impossible to describe. But there was a whole series on “poopadoodle,” the stuff emitted by horses in a mounted patrol and eaten by sparrows which is why Washington D.C. has so many sparrows and on and on and on. It was hilarious. For a long time I had this series of cutout strips taped up all over my house. He partook, I suspect, of one two many drugs (a common hazard at the time) and ended up sitting in a tree somewhere in Marin County. Haven’t heard of him since.

  8. ombudsben Says:

    OK. I’ll admit it now. The first time I saw those pic’s on your site I suspected you’d found the pictures on the ‘net, maybe from Chile or Bavaria or some place, and just told us it was Oregon …

  9. mklekacz Says:

    I can’t believe you recognized my Chilean rain forest. . .

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