Let us celebrate the simple radish

If you ever want to try to interest a small child in gardening, start with radishes.

This is an instant gratification crop in so many ways. You plant the seed, water, and just a few days later, up pop the first leaves. And they’re not these puny little nearly invisible seedling leaves, either, but good-sized heart-shaped leaves that children love and can identify easily. Then just a couple of weeks and you’re eating radishes.

We had the first salad from the garden last night (everything except the tomato–still a little early for those here). But I had three varieties of lettice, baby spinach from the thinnings, and very nice bright globe radishes. My icicle ones are almost ready, could be picked now, but I’d rather give them a few more days.

At any rate, tossed with a very nice champagne vinaigrette dressing, the whole thing tasted like spring and was a great complement to our left-over spaghetti (always better the second day).

Now I’m off to a birthday party for one of my favorite seniors (even more senior than I am. . .) bearing pasta salad, deviled eggs, and a bottle of nice pinot grigio for the potluck/barbecue and a potted plant for “Grandma,” as she’s known in the valley.


9 Responses to “Let us celebrate the simple radish”

  1. malicenwunderland Says:

    whitish rabbit stole my blog by breaking into my email account…be careful

  2. whitishrabbit Says:

    ‘scuse, M. That’s my ex. Heck of an introduction.

    It was my e-mail account in the first place. He keeps forgetting to mention that.

  3. malicenwunderland Says:

    yeah that makes sense

  4. mklekacz Says:

    You guys are worse than the hummingbirds. . .

    Rabbit, thanks for the clarification. After dealing with you some months, I was on the verge of deleting the nonsense. Now I think I’ll just leave it. It deserves the light of day.

    Malice, your handle is apt. I also understand the “ex.” Free e-mails abound. Get a life. If you’re concerned about messages from extraneous women that you might be missing, I’m afraid you’ll get no sympathy here. . .

  5. malicenwunderland Says:

    typical fat chick. Nope. Its about the right to privacy. you must be a wife, and therefore not in favor of it.

  6. mklekacz Says:

    Malice, I am a wife, of more than a quarter of a century (this time around), and I’m very much in favor of privacy, mine as well as his. What’s all the BS about “fat chick”? Is my photo less than flattering?

  7. malicenwunderland Says:

    naw you look great. I was out of line. I’d appreciate it if you would delete that post. I can’t, and it was in a fit of anger…in fact delete all of em. Congrats on the longevity of your marriage. I’m sure allowunng for privacy is a factor in it.

    if it wasn’t clear, i apologize for letting my anger bring my nonsense to your blog. Have a good night.

  8. OmbudsBen Says:

    Wow, Marianne, you get far more sizzling comments than I do. I’ve been a bit out of commission lately and just recently got back to, oh, about half speed — so missed all the excit-, err, umm commo- nemmind.

  9. mklekacz Says:

    Welcome back. Sounds as if you’ve been laid up a bit. Hope everything is better.

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