UFOs, unexplained events, and the laugh of the day

This just hit my mailbox, and I must confess that I can’t resist posting it, even knowing the FBI is probably already monitoring this blog:

“Many will recall that, on July 8, 1947, witnesses claimed an unidentified object, with five aliens aboard, crashed onto a sheep and cattle ranch just outside Roswell, New Mexico.

” This is a well-known incident which many say has long been covered up by the United States Air Force and the federal government.

“However, what you may NOT know, is that in the month of March 1948, exactly nine months later, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Condoleezza Rice, and Dan Quayle were all born.

See what happens when aliens breed with ranch animals? This information may clear up a lot of questions.”

Actually, if I had just known that these people were in all likelihood all Pisces, it would have explained a lot. . .

36 Responses to “UFOs, unexplained events, and the laugh of the day”

  1. whig Says:

    George W. Bush: Born July 6, 1946.

    I don’t have time to look up the others now.

  2. ClapSo Says:

    ROFL! Very good Marianne.

    I say to whig, in my most conspiratorial tone, the 1946 birth date is part of the government cover up heheheheheheheh

  3. whig Says:

    Dick Cheney was born in 1941 as well.

    Facts must be conspiring. 🙂

  4. mklekacz Says:

    Whig, I’m all in favor of facts, but I would never let them interfere with a good joke. Check away, and feel free to report back. I must say it makes me feel a little better to know that Dick C. is older than me. . .

    I thought this one was at least as funny as all the other conspiracy theories abounding around the Roswell “incident.” It makes a great jumping off place for one of my favorite movies, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

  5. whig Says:

    I haven’t seen that film in a long time, but was thinking recently about the music they used to communicate with the aliens. Fascinating, and I think music can be a universal language.

    Chromosphere is my own project along those lines.

  6. mklekacz Says:

    Whig, the thing I remember most clearly (or think I do) is that the musical phrase used to attempt to communicate was based on mathematical relationships that were thought to be universal. The tones/intervals were expressions of formulae or some such thing.

    The Greeks, of course, developed western philosophy originally from the study of mathematical constants and relationships. It’s intriguing, especially in a world where daily our constants become less so.

  7. whig Says:

    Yes, I encourage you to look at the Chromosphere source code posted. I won’t explain the whole thing here, but it is based on mathematical ratios defining an alphabet.

  8. whig Says:

    By the way — I wrote the whole thing while stoned. Just so you know, it doesn’t impair me.

  9. whig Says:

    (Right now, however, I am somewhat drunk, and definitely that does impair me. Just being honest.)

  10. whig Says:

    In Pennsylvania, medical marijuana remains illegal, of course. Pain in the leg, literally.

  11. mklekacz Says:

    Your honesty is becoming. I suspect this goes back to our brief conversation about what one is willing to go to jail for.

    I would never deny that being stoned leads to some very creative activity. I often find that a glass of good red makes the poetry flow more freely.

    I did click in on your site, but as soon as I saw the “download this” message, I abandoned it. As for reading the source, once upon a time I could have done that. But code and programming have moved far beyond me, and my interests are elsewhere now. So I’ll just take your word for it.

    But defining what alphabet? There are so many. Did you choose one, or is this a pure invention? If you can explain it to me in English (not source code), I’m interested.

  12. whig Says:

    Well, as you see, it is now after 3am. I’m still awake, because I’m hurting.

    This isn’t about going to jail, nor would that be helpful. I can’t speak as well about the issue from behind bars, it would be a miserable experience and plenty of martyrs have already lost more than their liberty for this cause.

    Some have even been crucified.

    I’m not at my own home, and when I am a visitor, I cannot expose my hosts to unwanted risks of persecution.

    You might follow-up here: For the want of a reply…

    As far as the Musical Language, it is neither ‘pure invention’ nor purely discovery. There is part of both, the assignment of particular Alphabetic values to specific Mathematical ratios is somewhat (but only somewhat) arbitrary.

    What happens when designing a language like this, the language winds up designing itself to a larger extent than you might at first expect.

    As a starting point, 420 Hz is a tonic frequency, which we can denote ‘A.’ This is relatively close to the standard American concert tuning of A=440 Hz. (In Europe the tuning is different, and in fact it was lower in the past but has been raised over a period of centuries to the present assigned value.)

    A second and third frequency can be given by ratios, 2:3 and 3:2. This is the Perfect Fourth and Perfect Fifth, and in normal tuning would be denoted ‘D’ and ‘E’ in relation to ‘A.’

    There isn’t anything really controversial about this, standard musical tuning does use a language of letters ‘A’-‘G’ with accidentals (sharps and flats) denoting intermediate frequencies. Of course, Equal Temperament does not allow a clear distinction by ratios and has offensive dissonances caused by beating between values that are off from just.

    I defined 23 standard ratios, plus three extended (‘X’, ‘Y’, ‘Z’) and am in the process of adding ten more expansions (‘0’-‘9’). There are also punctuators, operators which allow the multiplication and division of ratios, and combinations in other ways.

    The source is pretty minimal, by intention, to keep the concept clear. Because the file extension is .java, you get a download prompt, but maybe I should repost it with a .txt to make it easier to view in a browser.

  13. whig Says:

    If you have a sound card/speakers for your computer, along with the ability to run Java, you should be able to listen to the Chromosphere. If you click Play, it will go for about ten minutes. There is no Stop function enabled, you would have to either listen to the whole thing, turn down your sound or restart your browser if you don’t want to listen from beginning to hend.

  14. whig Says:


  15. whig Says:

    Also eventually I’ll make an MP3 output for those who can’t or don’t want to use Java and a plugin.

  16. whig Says:

    Actually, two of the frequencies are silent — rests of some duration — so there are 24 audible notes. Same number of letters as Hebrew and some other old languages. This may not be an accident.

  17. whig Says:

    (It’s past 6am here, still haven’t slept, still hurting, and waiting for someone to wake up so I can ask for painkillers. Seriously.)

  18. whig Says:

    Hooray for hepatotoxic painkiller. I feel like cursing right now, that’s how I feel. I’m just tired. Maybe I’ll get some sleep soon.

  19. whig Says:

    Now that others are awake…

  20. mklekacz Says:

    Whig, sounds like a pretty lousy night. Hope things are better now.

  21. whig Says:

    Much better, though I only got about 2 hours sleep, and an hour nap later in the day.

    I’m going to have to do a post on this soon, listing all the available pain relievers and their side-effects and toxicity profiles.

    Could be worse than taking Tylenol, could be Vioxx.

  22. whig Says:

    In all seriousness, I have been prescribed Celebrex which is pretty much the same thing as Vioxx, but still marketed.

  23. whig Says:

    I have no intention of taking Celebrex.

  24. whig Says:

    I don’t know how much you know about the subject of chronic pain, but Tylenol is contra-indicated for it. The hepatotoxicity is not a big deal for acute pain once in awhile, it does a little damage and it is cumulative, but if it’s infrequent and low dose, it’s okay.

    Long term use of Tylenol will cause liver failure.

  25. whig Says:

    Vioxx is associated with heart failure, and Celebrex may be as well. Ibuprofin (Advil, Aleve) may also, the studies have not been conclusive yet.

    I am deeply upset and angry when people die of preventable illness due to taking toxic drugs because cannabis is prohibited.

  26. whig Says:

    There are no fatalities associated with cannabis. None. Never.

  27. mklekacz Says:

    Well, if there have been, at least no one remembers them. . .;^}

    Whig, I hope your sleepless night hasn’t interfered with your sense of humor. It’s probably not nice to tease someone who’s not feeling so hot, but if you keep proselytizing, I just can’t help it. . .

    Hope you feel better soon.

  28. whig Says:

    I will feel better when I’m back in California, I guess. I had to take a sleeping pill tonight, because it’s 2am and I’m still up despite being dead tired.

    It’s really bad. I was on prescription sleeping pills before I moved to California, and here I am again in Pennsylvania, and I can’t sleep. I was okay for a couple days, but by the third day, it’s back to being sleepless.


    But I don’t mind humor, if it’s good natured.

    Cannabis has a temporary effect on memory, no doubt about it. Short term memory, mainly. Its one of the reasons naïve cannabis users are often confused and sometimes uncomfortable. With experience, one learns to compensate.

    And I hope you don’t mind me proselytizing. I admit that I do so, because this issue is important, and many people suffer a lot worse than me for lack of cannabis. It is also a religious issue for me, but I don’t push that aspect too hard, because people are entitled to have different beliefs about such things.

  29. whig Says:

    Back to bed. Nite.

  30. whig Says:

    Sedative didn’t even phase me. Suckage squared.

  31. whig Says:

    I slept again finally, after taking Tylenol.

  32. whig Says:

    Two more nights here, I think I’ll just pre-emptively take Tylenol before bed for the duration of the vacation.

  33. Sir Carter Says:

    Yeah, this is actually a stupid joke.

    Republicans are going around with the same joke, but instead of the GOP, they have the democrats. Like Hillary, and Gore, etc.

    Think of something better….

  34. whig Says:

    I’m not sure how Al Gore is a joke. He seems pretty sincere and he’s been correct about just about everything he’s said.

  35. 98ac843ba4c6f056f4a022f15088904b Says:



  36. Deloras Singley Says:

    Good content admin

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