Slouching toward summer: Photos of hummers and garden

I have no creativity at the moment, so here’s a quick update on the state of things around here.

I’ve tried and tried (without much success) to get a few good pictures of the hummingbirds. But when the light is right, I don’t have the camera, and blah, blah, blah. But maybe these will give you some idea of the crowd around the back deck. If you look carefully, you can count 7 (two of them tails only) on the feeder with one waiting in the wings. You can’t see the other 9-10 that are diving around in the trees.


One of the rufous ones just coming in for a landing. Note the alert posture of some of the others waiting to see if she’s going to eat or attack:


The current state of the blueberry crop:


I’ve been eating a few raspberries and strawberries. These won’t be too long. They’re the earliest of my six varieties.

Here’s the top part of the garden:


Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, radishes, onions, bush green beans, baby and mature lettuce, a few tomato plants, some herbs(cilantro and dill), and the strawberry bed in the background. Below the fold, so to speak, off to my left, are corn, squash(four kinds), melons, cucumbers, more tomatoes, some volunteer potatoes, hot peppers, green peppers, eggplant, artichokes, and rhubarb. The bare spot on the left is a road to get the mowers or the RTV in and out. There are also a few scattered flowers–roses, dahlias, zinnias, and snapdragons. Those are for the soul rather than the stomach.

8 Responses to “Slouching toward summer: Photos of hummers and garden”

  1. snapdragons Says:

    What a great lot of space you have in your garden. Lucky you!

  2. jackiesgarden Says:

    Oh my gosh! Your garden is great! And large. Mine is just very very small, and all in raised beds….I guess you’d say I play at gardening. 🙂

    You said it, exactly. Which is why this is one of my favorites:

    “If of thy mortal goods thou art bereft,
    And from thy slender store two loaves alone to thee are left,
    Sell one, and with the dole
    Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul”.

    Moslih Eddin Saadi did:

  3. mklekacz Says:

    Snapdragons, that’s easy to say until you have to weed it. . .

    Jackie, here’s another story for you. There was a time in our lives (mine and Ben’s) when we were somewhat less than affluent. I drove down the valley on business, and on a whim I took a back road home. I found a little second-hand shop and stopped (one of my weaknesses). They had the Harvard 5-foot bookshelf of classic literature, short two volumes, for $.50 a book. Without the two missing books, it was a 49-book collection, including the study guide. $24.50.

    I had $10 in my purse and no prospects of more immediately. So I went up to the desk and said, “I’m interested in these books, but $10 is all I have. But it’s all or nothing. Will you take it?” She helped me load them in my car.

    I got home about dark. I went into the house and said to Ben, “Will you help me unload the car?” “What have you done now?” he asked.

    “I spent our last $10 on books,” I answered.

    He rolled his eyes. We both (luckily) have a weakness for books, and over the years we’ve played this scenario out in various forms. But he came out to help me.

    The whole trunk of my Subaru was full. Ben opened one bag of books, looked, and said, “I forgive you.” Another reason, I suspect, that we’re still married all these years later.

  4. jackiesgarden Says:

    What a wonderful story, Marianne! And what a wonderful relationship to have with your mate. I think it’s so important that we each respect and support each others passions. And the older I get – the more I think we should devote our time to our passions!

  5. Dausta Says:

    What a great garden. You have so much space. And the hummingbirds! I love watching them. They are amazing little creatures.

  6. mklekacz Says:

    Dausta, tonight the birds are making me crazy, but I still maintain they are better than TV. And I do love my garden, even on nights light tonight when my body hurts from weeding.

  7. mklekacz Says:

    Jackie, I’m married to a really terrific man. I’ve thought about this a lot, and he may be the only person in the world who could put up with me. And I strongly suspect that I’m the only person in the world that WOULD put up with him, so we are a very good match.

    And I agree with you, passions are important, and sharing them is one requirement of a really happy long-term relationship. Ben and I have been married more than 25 years, lived together somewhat longer, and still speak to each other in cordial terms. . .;^}

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