A few more words about Beer Chips. . .

Updated with access to the Beer Chips Web site

I don’t buy things because of their packaging, but I have to admit that when I see what I consider elegant and well thought out packaging, it catches my attention and admiration.

One of the reasons I bought the first bag of Beer Chips was the packaging. It caught my eye. It has the visual quality of a mylar balloon, suggesting lightness AND festivity, celebration. It’s bright gold, suggesting richness and elegance. The lettering is black, nice for contrast, but also pretty assertive. Altogether, it was enough to make me pick up the package and look at it, even thought I had already gone through checkout.

On the back was some information about the product, which was nice, and the suggestion that although Beer Chips wouldn’t make me drunk, they might make me more interesting. Nice point. There was also an e-mail address in case I had “something important to tell them.” Very nice!

Then there was the upside down entry that I mentioned to Lisa in my earlier post: “If you can read this, you’re spilling your Beer Chips.”

They had me then, and I had to try them. I have a huge aversion to the warning labels that seem to be mandated on everything from toilet paper to tractors. When I read most of them, my immediate reaction is, “Duh! People who need this warning should be subject to Darwin’s hypothesis about the survival of the fittest.”

But I admit that I found it rather charming that the Beer Chips folks would consider warning people who might be using their product in conjunction with somewhat less than responsible activity not to waste the product. Then I discovered they were manufactured and sold from Portland.

I picked up a bag and got back in the checkout line.

My overall reaction as a consumer: They’re very tasty. They are a tiny bit sweet, somewhat like the sweet potato chips that are appearing now, but they are also very, very crisp, like another Portland product, Kettle Chips, that I also find a favorite.

The bag is nearly empty, and truth be told, I’ll probably buy more, even though I don’t eat potato chips all that often. But these were yummy and a good value for the money. Besides, these seem to be quirky people that I would be happy to support.

If you’d like more information about Beer Chips, including the ability to order them even if you don’t live in Oregon, go to the Beer Chips Web site.

PS: It appears that this post is going to come from Moonjelly. I’m still learning some of the ins and outs of WordPress, but I’m participating in another blog where I’d rather be a little more anonymous, so I’ve changed my public name and picture. If it bothers you, let me know.


8 Responses to “A few more words about Beer Chips. . .”

  1. Lisa Hostick Says:

    I have tried the sweet potato chips and beet chips. I loved them both and didn’t feel too guilty having seconds. If you haven’t tried either, I recommend (2 m’s or 2 c’s?) both.

  2. jackiesgarden Says:

    Hey, I think Beer Chips should pay you for advertising! Great job. I’d even try them – if I ate chips.
    I also have an aversion to those warning labels -that should go without saying. I guess if there are some people that NEED to read them – they are the ones that AREN’T reading them. I just read an article in the paper about a teen age mother whose baby died….after she TAPED the pacifier in the baby’s mouth! Some sleezy lawyer will probably help her sue, as there was no warning label on the pacifier saying you shouldn’t secure it in a baby’s mouth!! Oh – don’t get me started!!

  3. amuirin Says:

    Yeah, you did a great job promoting them, now I wanna try it!

    Ever had bagel chips?

  4. Lisa Hostick Says:

    Lotsa chip talk here!

  5. Moonjelly Says:

    But so far it seems to all be from “chippies” (except Jackie, who NEVER eats them–Jackie, you need to reform).

    Lisa, I’ve tried the beet and sweet potato chips. These are WAY better. They may not be healthier, but they’re very tasty.

    Amuirin, I’ve eaten lots of bagel chips. They’re OK, and when I’m busy trying to eat healthy, they’re probably a better option than these other chips (assuming they’re baked, not fried). But ultimately, they’re a lot like Melba toast, which has been around for 100 years.

    Jackie, your scenario is so depressing I’m struggling with how to respond to it. I am having the same reaction I had when that stupid woman who put a cup of 180-degree coffee between her legs in her car and was surprised that she got burned sued McDonald’s.

  6. Lisa Hostick Says:

    I will have to try the beer chips….the beet and sweet potato are currently at the top of my list.
    As for the comments on warning labels and those that NEED them….always makes me shake my head.
    But on the flip side, did they warn you about crumbling the beer chips up and feeding them to the birds. I’ve heard that it effects their language. They go from “chirp, chirp” to “chip, chip”!

    ugh….the words “affect” and “effect”….now THEY drive me nuts!

  7. amuirin Says:


    Wherefore art thou, Moonjelly?

  8. ombudsben Says:

    Beer chips. Twenty pounds ago, perhaps.
    As for the next five to ten pounds:
    they will be lost to beer
    but not to chips.

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