Curses, itinerary, garden update, and other miscellany

Remember the old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times”?

(If you are Chinese and this is not an old Chinese curse, please don’t write to tell me so. I’ve had enough interesting times this week.)

Tuesday was one of those days when the universe says, “Go with the flow, but don’t get caught in a rapid.” I got up in the morning with my whole day planned, did nothing I had planned, but had an interesting day anyway.

When my writing appointment got cancelled by the other person’s ill health, I finally made 6 quarts of sauerkraut. Then I drove into town to have dinner with Barry Lopez and Debra Gwartney (and 4-5 others) and to hear Debra talk about writing the memoir. Great evening, but I had forgotten to take my ibuprofen, and by the time I got home, my pleurisy was acting up big time and I barely made it to bed.

Wednesday I got up feeling a little better, picked 3 quarts of blueberries and did assorted miscellany, figuring I’d drive to town in the morning to get the size canning jars I wanted for the blueberries (the same size I gave away dozens of earlier thinking I’d never use them again). But I tried to cook dinner on the barbecue, and somewhere in the process I stepped on (I think) a big rock that had wandered onto the patio from the driveway, and it sent me flying.

Spatula in one hand, grilled bun in the other, flailing, I flew across the yard (I think I actually collided with my truck in the driveway, causing most of the damage) and landed hard, resulting in a bunged-up knee and several cracked ribs.

So I’ve been pretty much out of service the last couple of days.

Today, I can actually put some weight on my knee even while I’m flexing it, so I have high hopes that I’m recovering there. My ribs still feel like someone is sticking knives in me every time I move wrong, but I’m sure they’ll get better also if I just give them a year or so. What some people will do to get out of hoeing in the garden. . .

So for the last couple of days I’ve spent most of the time reading the new library books I had the good sense to check out when I was in town on Tuesday. I got a book about the thirty-mile fire in Washington, Susan Sontag’s last book of essays and speeches, and a wonderful book of poetry by one of the members of one of my writing groups.

The garden is coming on hard and fast, so I can’t afford to be laid up. I picked another quart or two of blueberries today, Brenda got me the jars I wanted in town, and I’ve been canning. Of course fresh blueberries are far better than canned, but we will have these long after the fresh ones are gone.

The lettuce is almost done, but the summer squash is almost ready. The first baby green beans are there (that’s a canning marathon I’m not looking forward to, but I love my canned green beans), the first tomato will be ready within a day or two, also the first cucumber, the dahlias have buds, the roses and snapdragons have exploded, and once again I’m really sick of berries. It’s definitely summer.

Now, Ralph and Brenda are here for burritos, and I must fly.

7 Responses to “Curses, itinerary, garden update, and other miscellany”

  1. jackiesgarden Says:

    So sorry about your fall. It’s such a pain to be laid up – especially when you have things that need to be done. And you have SOOO much garden to do. I was chuckling at your ‘give them a year or so’ – hope it’s much faster healing for you!

  2. Brent Says:

    Wow, Pleurisy (I have had that) combined with cracked ribs… I feel very bad for you and can’t imagine the pain. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Marianne Says:

    Thanks, guys. I’m sure I’m going to live, but me and my ibuprofen bottle have become the best of friends. Leg much better today, ribs not. . .I’m going to try to make it to town tomorrow. We’ll see. But I really need the Sunday NY Times. I know Ralph would pick it up for me, but I need a ton of other stuff, too. Ben can live a long time on canned chili, but not me.

  4. wildiris Says:

    All that and you’re still shopping and cooking, and . . . ? You’re a lot tougher than I would be. I hope you’re feeling all healed soon.

  5. Marianne Says:

    Barbara, don’t start any untoward rumors. I am the biggest baby yu can imagine, especially about pain. If I were ever subjected to torture, it would probably take them all of 10 seconds to get me to say anything they wanted to hear (they being the torturers, of course).

    But the leg is much better, and OTC pain killers keep the ribs tolerable, so I’m getting along pretty good. Thanks for your concern.

  6. OmbudsBen Says:

    Sick of berries? Sick of berries?

    I understand the words, but it would take an ocean of blueberries for me to get the concept.

  7. Marianne Says:

    Try three quarts every other day for a month. I still love them, but I’m suffering from acute surfeit (sort of like acute malaise) right now. . .But they’re slowing down, and very soon I’ll be sad because the blueberries are done for the season. I’ll still have the ones I preserved for a blueberry topping for cheesecake in the middle of winter.

    And of course the raspberries aren’t really slowing down. The second crop of the year is coming on strong.

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