Big Bird day, dinner improvisation

It’s been a bit wild around here today, both figuratively and literally. The predicted storm has yet to blow in. Last night’s fires did the trick, but it was still only 34F when I got up this morning, so it took two fires today to keep the house overheated. . .

No sign of the cougar, which is fine with me, but this morning I was enjoying the cold air when a pair of bald eagles put on an aerial performance the likes of which I don’t think I’ve ever seen. Two VERY large ones engaged in some sort of pursuit game circled the meadow in and out of the alders for several minutes.

There are two possibilities: 1) They were fighting over fishing territory, or 2) one of them wanted to mate and the other either a) didn’t, or b) was playing coy. And I’ll probably never know the truth.

One of the really neat things about winter here is that the bald eagles return. I’m not sure where they spend their summers (farther north, I’m told), but come the cold weather and the fish returning up the river to spawn, they’re back. They’re not shy. You can walk darned near up to one and just have it watch you closely. Having seen those talons and beak from close proximity, I assure you I would never challenge one.

This afternoon, I heard a very strange noise from the river. I convinced Ben it must be a beaver (they’re REALLY bad this year) working on one of the big maples, so he wandered down. But it was really a great blue heron, which proceeded to fly up and circle the meadow several times complaining about having its fishing disturbed.

Also notable today: winter wrens and Oregon juncos, two of my favorites, in plentiful supply.

Tonight’s dinner was a surprise, even to me. I got out the B/S chicken breasts I got to roast in garlic olive oil and discovered that I’d really bought chicken strips (the result, no doubt, of shopping without putting my reading glasses on). So we had battered chicken strips with garlic and olive oil roasted potatoes instead. Enough leftovers to get me through lunch tomorrow.

Now, all of these birds make me realize I must fly.


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