Post-Thanksgiving coma

It’s been a busy week, but here’s time to take a breath and give you a little update.

Wednesday Brenda and I celebrated National Throw-Flour-Around-the-Kitchen day (what we have come to call the Wednesday before Thanksgiving). We baked two pumpkin and one apple pies, 1 1/2 dozen croissants, and the acorn squash to be reheated with butter and brown sugar on the big day. Then Brenda went home and made a big tuna casserole that was lovely.

The turkey was perfect again. There’s something about the wood stove oven that just cooks them to a golden even color all over and done all the way through. We added mashed potatoes, two kinds of stuffing, steamed broccoli, a wonderful cherry jello salad thingy that a neighbor brought, quarts of gravy, and of course we ended up with far too much food, as always.

So last night was the first of several leftovers. I mixed the two stuffings, added some turkey pieces, and rebaked it, taking the top off for the last 20-30 minutes to brown the whole thing. We reheated the leftover vegetables and gravy, and–voila! Dinner.

But Ben has a limited tolerance for turkey, and he’s been very gracious about two turkey dinners and two days of turkey sandwiches. So tonight I’m leaving the rest of the turkey at near freezing and cooking up a big pan of scalloped potatoes with ham. When it’s almost ready, I’ll make a little cole slaw. We can kill the rest of the turkey tomorrow with pasta, mushrooms, and a tetrazini sauce, add a big green salad, and call it the end of the season. Christmas, of course, requires a standing rib of beef.

Inger, Tom, and Lisa have gone home. Fritz is still with us. He can stay another month as far as I’m concerned. We’re really enjoying the visit. Ralph and Brenda have an out-of-town guest tonight, so we’re actually enjoying a quiet threesome evening after days of cooking and eating and cooking and eating and yakking. Most satisfactory.

Fritz came into the kitchen while I was preparing the potatoes and asked, “So, are you using a recipe for this?” Of course I wasn’t. I’ve been making these so long that it’s only a question of how many potatoes I peel, which is a function of how many are eating and how big the baking dish is.

It’s also kind of a private joke. Ralph has been teasing me lately about my inability to follow a recipe. I can always find something to improve. He said he actually expects to see a cookbook someday with a title something like “Recipes for Real Food” with a subtitle of “Mere Suggestions for Marianne, of Course.”

Fritz is a metal sculptor (among many other things), and he arrived with a wonderful assortment of wall hangings made from saw blades–a terrific possum hanging over the shop soffit, and a smiling crescent moon and fierce-looking North Wind awaiting placement.

Yesterday Lisa got us all going making wreaths, so tonight my house is sort of still Thanksgiving inside (with the cornucopia and fall fruits still on the sideboard) and sort of Christmas outside, with a big wreath hanging on the front wall. We’re sliding into the transition.

I’m dithering over whether to make biscuits to go with dinner. It seems redundant. We still have leftover croissants (only three) and leftover apricot scones from this morning’s breakfast, and leftover pie, and a bit of the leftover pumpkin roll with a cream cheese filling (wow!) that Lisa brought. But the oven is hot. . .

We’ll see how many days we can sustain the carbo-coma before we all collapse into a heap of sugar and butter.

Note: I started the week with 6 pounds of butter in the fridge. There are fewer than 2 pounds left. These meals are not for the faint-of-heart or the cholesterol-challenged.


2 Responses to “Post-Thanksgiving coma”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I once made the mistake of scheduling a cholesterol test for the day after Thanksgiving. (I wasn’t looking at a calendar at the moment I agreed to it, hadn’t a thought in my mind about holidays.) I don’t care how unchallenged one is in that department, it’s the wrong day for a test!

  2. Marianne Says:

    Barbara, the day after Thanksgiving isn’t good for anything but taking a nap and eating turkey sandwiches (wuth plenty of Best Foods mayonnaise) and leftover pumpkin pie and whipped cream. Mever, never schedule anything else. . .;^}

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