Wii, Wii, Wii, all the way home

I’ve been fighting with a sinus infection and bronchitis for about a week now, and I’m tired of it. But interestingly enough, the only thing that seems to completely distract me from the sinus headache is “Super Mario Galaxy.” So the Wii’s been getting some heavy usage.

 I’m just about to tackle the first enemy base, but unfortunately I squandered all of Princess Peach’s second gift of five 1-ups trying to beat the Rocky Road. The scorching odor you can probably smell from wherever you are is the smell of flesh burning up in a black hole, repeatedly.

I love the wireless controllers. They resolve the only problem I’ve ever had with Nintendo games, which was leaping around and tripping over the controller wires. The movement took little getting used to, although I have to say the game threw me a curve in Surfing 101 and I kept trying to steer with the Nunchuk. I finally had to just put it down.

But I find two separate controllers much more user-friendly and ergonomic than the old “classic” style that always seemed to put your shoulders at a somewhat awkward angle, OK for a short time but not so good for extended play.

But I’m hooked. I understand why Wired magazine said, “If you only buy one video game this year, make it ‘Super Mario Galaxy.'” What Ben said was, “If only NASA could get an astronaut into space that easily. . .”

We bought the game quite a bit before Thanksgiving and are just now getting around to playing it. Watching people scramble to find one for their child or children, I guess I should feel a little guilty about depriving some poor kid of his dearest wish.

But I don’t. Kids come in all ages, shapes and sizes. . .

4 Responses to “Wii, Wii, Wii, all the way home”

  1. Josh Bancroft Says:

    Nice! Super Mario Galaxy is the best game I’ve played in the last decade, and I’m a gamer, so take that for what it’s worth. You’ll love the rest of the game – it only gets better!

    Also, if you run out of lives, just save the game, quit, and come back. Mailtoad will have another letter with 5 1-Ups from the Princess. You get them every time, to start out. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the number of extra lives you have doesn’t carry over after you save and quit. So if you have a nice stockpile, they go away when you save and quit.

    There are a few 1-up mushrooms scattered around the Comet Observatory (usually at least one outside of each room), and these respawn every time you go in a door. So, you can collect it, go into a room, leave the room, and collect it again. Overall, you shouldn’t ever find yourself hurting for extra lives – the game is pretty well balanced to avoid that problem and keep moving.

    Have fun! 🙂 We should exchange Wii friend codes or something, but to be honest, I haven’t yet bothered to figure that out, or what the benefit is. 🙂

  2. Marianne Says:

    Josh, that’s very cool to know. It made me mad that it wouldn’t save my extra lives, but this makes me feel better. I can’t wait to go try it out.

    I don’t think I even know what a Wii friend code is, but I’m thrilled to have you for a Wii friend (great picture, BTW).

    Best to you and your family over the holidays.

  3. ingernet Says:

    You’re right to feel no pity for the parents scrambling to get a Wii for their kids for Christmas. The games have been out for almost a year now. How’s that saying go? You make your own luck? 😉


  4. Marianne Says:

    The funny thing is, I asked Ben if he wanted one and he said “No.” Then, about three weeks later (and still plenty early), he said, “You had a good idea the other day. We’ve had every Nintendo console since the first, and we should have this one.” So we do. And somehow it became my idea. . .;^}

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