Solstice countdown

The winter solstice is expecially troublesome in our house. We are far enough north (approx. 44th parallel) that there is a substantial difference in the amount of light we get at different times of the year. It’s wonderful in the summer, when days last til after 10 p.m., but this time of year it’s totally dark by about 4:30.

Ben deals with it better since he learned to start counting down early in December the number of days until the light starts to return. Only a couple of days left now, so we’re all looking forward to the days being much, much longer. I believe it’s about seven minutes a day that the light increases. But psychologically, it feels like much more.

Some people take drugs for sinuses and headaches. I’m not one of them. So far Wii is working equally well, although it may be raising my blood pressure. I’m afraid to check. It’s time to go read the manual and see what those little crowns on the map mean. I think they mean you’ve cleared a galaxy, but if that’s the case, I have to go revisit some places.

But I have 14 stars, and I killed both the stupid mushrooms (goombas, I seem to recall from earlier Mario games?) on Yoshi’s head and finished off the tarantula, so things are going well. Josh is right, the game just keeps getting better and better.

I really enjoy the good Mario games. I like Zelda, too, but there’s a complex puzzle-solving element to those games that my brain just isn’t up to at the moment. Ben is much better at those than I am, and I’ve managed to give him my sinus infection, so he’s not very much in a puzzle-solving mood.

But Mario, at its best, is full of action and concentration. You have to pay attention when the game is teaching you a new skill, because you’re certain to need it very soon. This is the best Mario so far, and I’ll probably wear out the generator playing it.

Dinner in the oven–blackened pork chops baked with stuffing, to which I’ll add mashed potatoes, gravy, and spinach. I know I’m on the mend, because yesterday my appetite came back. I think I lost about five pounds last week (yes! but not my favorite way to do it) because food just didn’t sound good. But yesterday, suddenly, I was hungry again. Makes it easier to cook, too, when you can imagine how luscious something will taste.

4 Responses to “Solstice countdown”

  1. Josh Bancroft Says:

    Yes, the crowns mean that you have gotten all the stars available in that galaxy.

    But don’t stress over not being able to get all of them first time through the galaxy. Some levels have secret stars you can find at any time, but the majority of these “extra” stars can only be gained much later in the game. You’ll have to do some backtracking, including a whole bunch after you beat the final boss.

    Don’t want to spoil anything, but the game is far from over when you beat the final boss. 😉

  2. Philip Ferris Says:

    I have to go more on how other people enjoy my cooking, as I have no discernable sense of smell or taste. I can tell what i like as my mouth waters if something is good but I don’t get all the benefits of smells releasing memories, etc.

    By the way I think Scientific American has an article that might be of interest [haven’t time to read it all myself at the moment as i am at work] but hre’s the link:

  3. Marianne Says:

    Josh, thanks for the tips, again. I’ll try to be patient. . .But I did go back and get the first comet-influenced star yesterday.

    Meryy Christmas!

  4. Marianne Says:

    Phil, thanks for the link. I’ll pop in and read it soon.

    Merry Christmas!

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