Checking out, election 2008

Dear readers, this constitutes an alert. I may or may not be around in the very near future (read next ten days). I’m off tomorrow on an adventure (on which I may report later). But don’t be too surprised if you leave me a ping and I don’t respond for several days.

I’m surprised, and in at least one case pleasantly so, by the Iowa caucus results. Before I post at length again, it is likely that the NH primary will have occurred, and we’ll have other leading edge signals. I promise to comment at length then.

I’m old enough to remember the JFK buzz. I’m cynical enough to believe that politics as usual is not very good for the U.S. I find this election run-up insufferably long but incredibly interesting at this point.

Miss me, but don’t worry. I assure you, I will be back.

6 Responses to “Checking out, election 2008”

  1. Jeff Moriarty Says:

    Have fun! Especially if you’re up to what I think you’re up to. 🙂

    You might find this site interesting –

    It’s a non-partisan site that lets you input the issues you care the most about then matches you up with the candidate closest to your views. I was a little surprised by my own results.

  2. Philip Ferris Says:

    Definitely have fun and a safe trip.

    You will be missed.

  3. Jenny Litchfield Says:

    Sounds interesting. Look forward to reading about your adventure.

  4. Marianne Says:

    Hi, guys, I’m back.

    Jeff, sorry to disappoint you, but I’m probably the most apolitical person you will ever meet. I’ve given up on all of them.

  5. ombudsben Says:

    I find this election run-up insufferably long but incredibly interesting at this point.

    I agreed with you. The length of it has been a major turn off for me. But now, as we down here in CA actually get to vote for the third or quarter of the candidates who are left, I’m finding this race more interesting than any in recent years.

    Maybe in part because we will be getting rid of these rascals.

    But also because this is the first time in a while there is no degree of incumbency. Even in ’00 we had veep Gore running, in ’88 veep Bush, etc. It just feels like we have a broader choice this time, and even the GOP has splintered to the extent they are faced with real internal party ID issues.

    It’s still way too long. I mean, after all the fol-de-rol we’ve had, we should be holding the election in a couple months, this spring, and we’re going to have to listen to the Hillary/Obama Democratic hydrahead yammering away with the McCain/Romney GOP hydrahead for … nine more months.

    Criminy! Babies conceived now will go through their entire gestation before we know who gives our next state of the onion speech.

    It’s certainly not waterboarding. But it has its tortuous and torturous elements.

  6. Marianne Says:

    Ben, it DOES feel a bit like waterboarding at times, doesn’t it? ;^}

    “HELP. . .I’ve fallen in a sea of political claptrap and I can’t get out. . .”

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