Tom died tonight

Thanks to all of you who have borne with this saga so patiently.

Tom died peacefully, apparently at full rest.

I will miss him tremendously, but I am so glad he has gone on to whatever comes next.

12 Responses to “Tom died tonight”

  1. Philip Ferris Says:

    My thoughts are with you

  2. JMo Says:

    I always struggle for words in situations like this, but my condolences to you and your family. When my time comes I should be so lucky to have friends and family as caring and strong around me as Tom had. My thoughts are with you.

  3. Josh Bancroft Says:

    I’m sorry and relieved for you. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us through the blog – I know I probably speak for a lot of people who may or may not say so themselves, but it’s helped us connect with you as a fellow human person, and that’s the best thing, in my opinion, that can ever come out of these blog things.

    We’re here for you, thinking about you. It sounds trite, but let us know if you need anything. You may be surprised.

  4. Barbara Says:

    Many blessings to Tom on his journey, and you and your family.

  5. akentuckycreation Says:

    I will keep you and Tom’s family in my prayers. How cruel cancer can be and I can empathize about your journey as I had a similar one with my mother. You will feel relief as well as guilt. Celebrate Tom’s life and not his passing. As a Christian we can be assured that we will see our loved ones again. If you have a Hospice center in your area they have amazing resources for dealing with a loved ones death. Keep in touch.


  6. Marianne Says:

    All, forgive me, but even in the best blogger spirit, I don’t have enough energy to reply to each of you individually. But I really appreciate the notes.

    I’ve buried both of my parents, was with each of them, in fact holding them, when they died. But somehow it’s different with a younger sibling. It feels like the universe has somehow lost its orderliness.

    I’m very grateful for my adopted blog family. Much as I love my biological one, you guys add a dimension to my life that would not otherwise be there.

    Hugs to all.

  7. pat lucas Says:

    … now go out and plant something this bright spring day and name it Tom.
    Love you

  8. Marianne Says:

    Thanks, Pat. Tomoorow the early spring garden goes in. I could call the whole thing “Tom’s garden.”

  9. Annie Says:

    It’s been quite a while since I checked in on you via blog, but wow. I have not much to say. Keep writing – it’s beautiful.

  10. Marianne Says:

    Annie, good to hear from you. I miss Intel–NOT. ;^}

  11. Leslie What Says:

    Dear Marianne

    Sorry if I haven’t responded before. I am so sorry to read about Tom’s death and am honored to read a bit about him in your journal. You have honored him by remembering. May his memory be a blessing to all.


  12. maya Says:

    Okay lets get this straight tom didnt die.
    It was a rumor this is sad, how someone would make a rumor like this. =/

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