Tapping on the Buddha’s nose: a dilemma

So, I have this new toy, and it’s presenting me with a bit of a dilemma. I’m relying on my faithful blog readers to help me resolve it.

A friend who is an excellent metal sculptor made me a steel drum after learning how enamored I was of the music I heard in the Caribbean. It’s not your standard professional model. It’s a work of art. Hammered on the drum is what I think Fritz intended to be a sun with rays extending out to the edges.

However, the sun’s face looks exactly like the Buddha. If I had never noticed this, it would have been no problem. But since I have, I’m asking this question:

If I hit the Buddha’s nose with my mallet, and I being disrespectful?

I await your answers. This kind of thing keeps me awake all night.


14 Responses to “Tapping on the Buddha’s nose: a dilemma”

  1. vipersofeden Says:

    you have a good point

  2. Philip Ferris Says:

    You must understand that there is no drum, there is no mallet, only mind

    The word “like” tells you it is an illusion

    Play your drum in a Zen manner – “When playing your drum, simply play your drum”

    Remember, I know nothing

  3. Philip Ferris Says:

    By the way,here is another site that I find enlightening http://zenhabits.net/

  4. Nathan Zeldes Says:

    As a physicist, I can see how it’s easy to determine the question experimentally. If you strike it and it goes Boing, it’s a drum. If it goes Ouch, it may be a nose.

    Good to have you losing sleep over this sort of thing again…

  5. ingernet Says:

    i think the Buddha would find it hilarious that you’re even having this dilemma. drums are meant to be played, not prayed to.

  6. Marianne Says:

    Good advice, all. Practical tips from Nathan and Inger, a great send-up from Phil, and empathy from vipersofeden. What more could I ask? Now if I can just talk Fritz into coming for a visit with his little hammers and helping me tune it.

  7. Marianne Says:

    BTW, Inger, I just noticed that your avatar looks like the Buddha, too. Can it be that I’m just seeing the Buddha everywhere these days?

  8. Philip Ferris Says:

    Seeing the Buddha in others is a good sign.

    [It’s not all send-up, since Zen Buddhism is something I lean towards, but I admit I wanted to give you a smile 😉 ]

  9. pat lucas Says:

    I agree with Inger, but in a less popular way. I think Buddhists do not worship idols and therefore the drum cannot be disrespected.
    So play it and pray… that your neighbors will be kind.

  10. Marianne Says:

    Phil, you succeeded.

    Pat, at least the neighbors are at some distance. . .;^}

  11. Barbara Says:

    I also think the Buddha would get a hearty laugh out of your question.

  12. Marianne Says:

    Actually, I had a pretty good laugh myself at the thought.

  13. OmbudsBen Says:

    Take the drum back to the man who made it. Have him alter the image so that it looks more like Dubya (or Rove or Cheney, etc.)

    Now try and beat some sense into it.

  14. Marianne Says:

    Ben, you made me giggle. Then I realized how hopeless a task that would be. But the man who made the drum would really like the suggestion. I suspect he was aiming for Rove and got the Buddha by mistake. . .

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