Hillary, give it up

Now, I’m neither the youngest nor the brightest lightbulb in the fixture, but I do want to make it clear that I know my subject line isn’t the same as “Give it up for Hillary.” Nor do I mean it to be.

There’s a terrific Jimmy Margulies cartoon in today’s “Week In Review,” the op-ed section of the Sunday NY Times. The interviewer/commentator says: “The math is against you in delegates needed for the nomination. . .” and Hillary responds: “I didn’t give up at Valley Forge. . .I didn’t give up at Gettysburg. . .I didn’t give up at D-Day. . .and I’m not giving up now.”

Hillary, you have proven yourself a prevaricator without even the sense to understand when your untruths have been detected. I know you haven’t claimed to have invented the Internet or saved the free world single-handedly. But you have demonstrated the one characteristic that sends me running to the bathroom in case of projectile vomiting. You are the ultimate politician.

Sweetie, I’m your target demographic, an over-50 woman with a couple of college degrees, a lifetime in business, and a strong belief that a woman in the Presidency would bring something that’s badly needed.

But not you. Not now, not ever.

I’m old enough to have voted for both John Anderson and Ross Perot, knowing in each case that I was probably wasting my vote but hoping for something other than business-as-usual. I can honestly say I never even contemplated voting for Ralph Nader, however.

I’m of that rare breed called the “truly independent.” I was a registered Democrat for an extended period of time until I decided that the Democratic Party had lost its marbles. So then I became a registered Republican. Ditto with that party. For some time now, I’ve been registered without party affiliation.

I pay a price for that. I can’t vote (in Oregon, anyway) in any of the party primaries. I contemplated registering again as a Democrat just so I could vote against you in May, but then I realized how many fund-raising and ideological mailings I’d get and decided against it. I think my fellow Oregonians will take care of you here. Many of them actually have some sense.

But if you are banking on calling in chits with the “superdelegates” (and what a crock that is–a group of party “elite” in place to override the will of the voters in case they aren’t smart enough to choose the right candidate–this is democracy?), I hope you will think again. A candidate who gets there by such means will have no more credibility than a President elected by the Supreme Court, to quote someone else’s recent example.

So give it up. Now. Let’s get on with a race between two people who arguably are outsiders from the political establishment, let them present their views, and let the people choose. At this point you are merely a spoiler.

And while I’m busy ranting on this topic I almost never comment on, I have a few words for the other major candidates in this race:

Barack: The Jeremiah Wright thing told me a great deal more about your character than almost anything else you’ve done. I congratulate you for being forthright. I have lots of “sparring partners” with whom I don’t agree (otherwise, we wouldn’t be sparring now, would we?). In fact, if people evaluated my character by the folks that I tolerate and even like to argue with, they’d be way off the mark. Your response to these attacks told me you are really a grownup with a well-developed sense of a diverse world.

I don’t have the background to know the things that you “know” about racism. But I congratulate you on your ability to articulate your position without blowing in the wind.

John: I’m a long-time admirer of yours, but I frankly liked you a great deal better before the GOP apparently started coaching you on what was required to get elected. You’re sounding like a politician, and that isn’t one of your strengths.

I have a certain amount of faith in your common sense and straight talk. Don’t waffle now. Stay who you are, and I might even vote for you. Unlike many of my acquaintance, I don’t think foreign policy is going to be made in the campaign speeches. I just want to elect someone I feel comfortable can make it. No matter who is President, we don’t be out of Iraq tomorrow. But you buy yourself nothing by being so belligerent about it.

Now a few words for “my fellow Americans”: Hey, guys, if you haven’t noticed, the world is changing. It’s not just global warming, the sub-prime mortgage crisis, the devalued dollar, and the globalized economy. It’s a comeuppance to the sort of economic colonialization that the U.S.A., as an economically powerful superpower, has been able to indulge in for decades.

If one definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and hoping for different results, then go toe your favorite party line and vote accordingly.

But if you are concerned about a viable (not necessarily wealthy or over-consuming, just viable) future for yourself and your childen, then take some time to look beyond the heirs apparent for a leader who can actually think. And vote accordingly.

Whoever is elected this fall steps into a mess. He/she will need all of our good wishes and help, so vote for someone you want to help advance “in the direction of your dreams” (to paraphrase Thoreau), not someone you think can fix all your problems.

That person doesn’t exist.


10 Responses to “Hillary, give it up”

  1. studbeastiii Says:

    I totally agree with many of your points. When a canidate becomes more like a politician, they lose their ability to connect with America on an honest level because they get bogged down by party agendas and censoring themselves and whatnot. I feel that Obama’s repsonse to the Jeremiah Wright situation was mature and refreshingly straightforward. Too often politicians worry about how to avoid an issue instead of worrying about how to solve it.
    Bottom line: A president is never going to do exactly what you want, so don’t expect them to. I thought you articulated this quite clearly, and I enjoyed finding another person who doesn’t endow their president with pure perfection.

  2. Marianne Says:

    studbeastiii, thanks for weighing in. I get so frustrated and pessimistic, but I think there are a lot of folks out there who are willing to think this through, so I guess I live in hope.

  3. huntsville man Says:

    The fact of the matter is that the Government has used the 2 party system to divide Americans to the point that we can not get together and oust the trash. Everyone is left wing or right wing and nobody cares about the Eagle anymore.

    They know what they are doing, and a house divided against itself can not stand.

    The only way we can take America back it to eliminate the 2 party system and their control of the Mass Media. The media is owned in whole by a small handfull of people and it is used to divide us.

    The people who are spreading the truth on the ned are too lazy to get out and tell the rest of America what is going on. We do not need to tell each other, we need to tell the people who are not informed.

    I am sick of the Propaganda.

  4. Marianne Says:

    huntsville, I agree that the two-party system is an antiquated, crippled beast. It’s part of the “your either for us or agin us mentality.” Many other nations have numerous parties that make it nearly impossible to get a majority. This forces those in power to negotiate with other groups and helps eliminate what deToqueville called “the tyranny of the majority.”

  5. ingernet Says:

    i’m so very glad to have gotten my brains from your side of the family. even when we disagree, you’re still an entertaining and thought-provoking sparring partner. xoik

  6. Marianne Says:

    Inger, I’ll share a few words (paraphrased) from Winston Churchhill: “If a man is not a liberal at 20, he has no heart. But if he’s not a conservative by the time he’s 40, he has no brain.” It’s a shame those fine old concepts of liberal and conservative have taken such a beating from misuse, but I’m sure you’ll get the drift. I enjoy sparring with you, too. xoxo

  7. ClapSo Says:

    I was MIA for a while but now I’m back. I continue to believe that both parties of the apocalypse (dem and repub) need to go. I have no faith in any of the three stooges of the apocalypse (mccain, clinton, obama).

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Nader (and am gonna do it again!)

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


  8. Marianne Says:

    Hey, ClapSo, welcome back. I wondered what had happened to you. I still think the real problem is limiting things basically to two parties. Our current structure (and the obscene amount of money it takes to run for national office) make it very hard to implement any meaningful reform.

  9. ClapSo Says:


    That kind of reform is what Nader will continue to bring about. That’s why he’s running…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


  10. Leslie What Says:

    I am looking at my mail in ballot and having a hard time deciding. I like Hillary and I like Obama. And in the race against Gordon Smith I like Steve Novick and I like Jeff Merkley. (I also like Gordon Smith) I don’t see Hilary as evil, more like all the professional women I’ve know who’ve had to work within systems to get where they deserve to be. Politics is a system. We may need to do more than elect one outsider to get the change we are looking for. But maybe sending a message is all we can do and it’s certainly a safe way to let our reps know we are unhappy with the status quo.

    The main reason for making up my mind quickly is so the pollsters will see I’ve voted and can stop calling.


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