Off on an adventure

This is just a heads-up to you all. I’m off tomorrow with a friend on Amtrak to go to a poetry convention in Utah. I’ve made the decision not to cart my laptop along (Gasp! She’d chance being off line for 8 whole days?), so it will be next week sometime when you can expect to hear from me.

I’m going to ride the rails, look at country not easily visible from any other place, and contemplate. Amtrak got the section of track from Eugene to Klamath Falls (one of the prettiest sections of the trip) re-opened just a few days ago. It’s been closed for months by some big landslides, and I’ve been petitioning the travel gods to get it back open for our trip. It seems to have worked.

So, more next week. Be healthy, have fun.

4 Responses to “Off on an adventure”

  1. Josh Bancroft Says:

    But but! How are you going to write without a laptop? Burnt sticks and animal skins? Dry out some onionskins? 😉

    Seriously, though, have fun. What part of Utah are you going to be in (I grew up there). It can be a weird place… 🙂

  2. Philip Ferris Says:

    First have fun.

    Second, no laptop – that makes me nervous. (I comfort myself with the thought of luxurious cybercafes).

    Third, I have a cousin in Tooele – say Hi if you see her (Gill) – LOL

  3. Marianne Says:

    Josh, the convention was in Layton, just north of SLC. We got to ride the new commuter train as well as Amtrak, and it turned out to be quite an adventure.

    And there was absolutely no time for writing–too busy eating and talking and listening to the award-winning poems from the assorted contests.

    It WAS fun, but I’m glad to be home, even if it is about 84 F here today.

  4. Marianne Says:

    Phil, there was free wireless everywhere we went. But I didn’t miss my laptop for a minute. It was a bigger challenge to go a whole week without National Public Radio and the BBC (my favorite late night listening).

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