A long rant about something, or perhaps nothing

Once upon a time, I was president of the state poetry society, and I discovered that herding poets is a lot like herding cats.

By their natures, poets are not organized people. And they don’t respond well to those who would like them to be organized.

I find myself lately with my true poetic nature coming to the fore.

God bless those of you who keep checking this space in hopes that something new has happened. My sincere apologies for the long absence. But the truth of the matter is, I just haven’t felt like writing. Anything.

Then tonight I sat down and penned a couple of pretty good poems, one a rewrite of a fragment penned earlier that will probably be called “Why the Sky in August Sometimes Looks Sulky” and the other something brand new: “I Want to Be Jack Kerouac.” That’s when I thought perhaps I could add an update here.

Part of the problem is summer. Here’s what my pantry looks like now after all of the old stuff has been cleaned out: sauerkraut, canned blueberries and blueberry butter, canned pie cherries, canned Royal Annes, canned plums and plum sauce, canned apples and applesauce, dill pickles, bread-and-butter pickles, canned green beans, pickled green beans (very interesting these–I didn’t have the dried red peppers the recipe called for so I used Chalula powder–ground up garlic roasted with hot red peppers–instead), pickled beets. The corn and tomatoes are just coming on. I was beginning to despair of them ripening with all of the rain, but they seem to be doing so anyway.

I have a very sore gum, the result of a really bad tooth brought on by some very bad dentistry some years back. It’s better tonight. I’m trying to avoid a trip to a dentist by using a peroxide mouthwash and scotch as a painkiller. On a scale of 1-10, going to the dentist is about a 15 for me. So far, so good.

My flower beds and herbs have been attacked. We think we found the culprit tonight–a packrat running around. He likes parsley and sage but not oregano, and he really likes trimming the begonias, although he doesn’t seem to eat them, just clips off the leaves and leave them in a pile. His days are numbered. We’ll catch him in a live trap, but then he’ll probably get a swimming lesson in the river.

The coyote who likes the Italian prunes has been foiled. He broke the tree off a couple of years ago, but it’s put up a new vertical shoot (that he can’t climb), and the shoot is fruiting.

I went crazy in town yesterday and bought some veal, so we’re having weinerschnitzel very soon.

That’s it for life in the country this evening.

5 Responses to “A long rant about something, or perhaps nothing”

  1. dmsparks Says:

    That was awesome! You should write a book- if you already have, you should write another one.

    Come visit me at dmsparks.wordpress.com

  2. Marianne Says:

    Thanks, Delores. I have written a book (well, a chapbook, to be totally correct), and I’m working on another one, or perhaps several. Thanks for making contact, I’ve checked your site and will continue to do so.

  3. ClapSo Says:

    We poets are as wild as pack rats and as mean as coyote. Any way you can tie part of the prune tree to the pack rat so the coyote will git it? 😉

    When we have to wait a bit it makes your posts that much more the joy!

    My sneaky trick is to write several posts when I’m inspired, then only post one a day, Monday through Friday so I always have several waiting. If something pressing comes up in the news, I just write a new post about that and move the one I was gonna do that day to the next.

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  4. Marianne Says:

    ClapSo, I like your idea, but with my luck, the coyote would turn out to be a vegetarian. I’m still hoping he’s busy reducing the rabbit population.

    As to posting: You’re clearly more organized than I am. I tried for a long time to write daily, but as I said to Alissa (probably privately), it started to feel a bit like “Second Life,” and my first life is so busy that something had to go.

    But autumn is coming again, and I’ll get hungry for something to do, I’m sure. . .I hope. This has been a really busy summer.

  5. jackiesgarden Says:

    Wow! I know where to come if there is ever a food shortage. I got tired just reading about all the work you did. But I can’t help thinking, too, how happy you’ll be when you’re eating those goodies in the middle of winter. I am just too lazy – keep saying I’ll start canning again next year – but never do. And wonder how two of us could ever eat it anyway!

    Good luck with that tooth – I’m going through something similar (I think going to the dentist is about a 20 for me, I’m scared to death of them.)

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