Time for a quick break

The Sunday NY Times used many column inches of print to virtually declare Hilary Clinton’s campaign for President of the U.S. dead.

I suspect they’re right, unless the political machine can somehow put enough pressure on the “superdelegates” (one word, according to William Safire and the NYT copy edit desk, sort of like “superhero”) to swing the election away from the popular vote choice.

I’m sure the Republicans would far rather campaign against Clinton than Obama. She is a much more known quantity, with trunk-loads of baggage, her own and her husband’s, following her around. Many voters are too young to remember some of the financial scandals that swirled around the Clintons, but rest assured that the GOP hasn’t forgotten them or would hesitate to drag them out in a cutthroat campaign.

Obama, on the other hand, comes more or less out of left field. He’s a swirling, nebulous target who seems more than willing to confess to past peccadilloes. It makes him a difficult target.

One of the most interesting points raised in the NYT stuff was that of “experience.” If, the Times writer asked, experience counts for so much, how come Clinton’s made a complete hash of her campaign and Obama’s has been executed flawlessly? A question worth thinking about in someone you’reĀ planning on electing to a high-level executive position.

The Times also pointed to “Clinton fatigue,” not so much with HRC as with the duo. It’s something that came into play the first time WJC stepped out like a little pit bull with both jaws bared and teeth snapping.

If course, I confess that I look with suspicion on anyone who really wants to run for high political office. If they want to be there, I probably don’t want them pretending to look after me. . .

OK, that’s enough break for now. It’s poetry competition time. Back to editing, formatting, printing, and all that other dull stuff.

4 Responses to “Time for a quick break”

  1. Jeff Moriarty Says:

    I don’t get the experience accusation against Obama. A great little piece on the Daily Kos talks about someone who went to the Library of Congress web site and compared the number of bills Obama sponsored vs. Hillary. They also talk about the range of topics between the two.

    Obama came out far ahead.


  2. Marianne Says:

    Jeff, I actually DO get this. But to my mind it’s a plus, not a minus. I’d like our next President to be a philosopher, not a politician. If it comes down to McCain vs. Obama, I’m going to have 6 months or more thinking to do.

    But I’m really happy to be thinking about who to vote FOR, as apposed to who to vote AGAINST. . .

  3. Heath Says:

    I’m still hoping for a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket.
    Imaging how powerful the two of them could be together….but it will never happen.

    Poetry competition? Marvelousness – glad that the writing continues.
    I just published a short story – The Peregryn, and getting book 2 in the Princess Carrina series for Young Readers ready to publish in April.

  4. Marianne Says:

    Well, Heath, they’re talking about it. But I have to confess that that particular combination, in any configuration, would make it very difficult for me to feel good about voting for Obama. It’s one of the few that would, frankly. But they’re talking about it, or at least people are speculating that they’re talking about it, so you may get your wish.

    Congrats on the publishing credits. How do I ever get to read this stuff?

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